Shenzhen Angell Technology: DR Solution Supports Global Anti-epidemic

With the widespread of the COVID-19 epidemic in the world, the global epidemic is approaching 4 million, and the demand for medical imaging equipment, especially mobile DR equipment, has increased dramatically. Currently, countries with global outbreaks have turned their attention to China, where the outbreak has been completely controlled, and China is play a role to support global anti-epidemic. Shenzhen, as the most developed special economic zone in China, is known as China’s “Silicon Valley”. It has a mature medical innovation system and R&D system and also mature supply chain. A large number of medical device R&D Center and production suppliers are concentrated in Shenzhen. Among them, China’s largest Dynamic DR research and development, manufacturer: Shenzhen Angell Technology, which has been working on DR imaging equipment for nearly 20 years, focusing on the development and production of medical imaging equipment. It currently has the largest DR R&D team in Asia and has launched innovative DR technology globally: Dynamic multi-functional DR System, which has achieved x-ray diagnosis changed from a static two-dimensional diagnosis to a dynamic motion function diagnosis, making the diagnosis more accurate.

As a manufacturing supplier focused on DR imaging equipment, Shenzhen Angell Technology currently has an advanced and complete DR product line, including multiple models and different price DR imaging products, including fixed DR, mobile DR, Digital mammography. Which has the largest DR manufacturing base in China and has obtained a large number of invention patents. The products have been exported to more than 40 countries and regions, such as France and the Ireland.


To fight the epidemic, Mobile DR has become a essential medical imaging device. Swallow, a wireless visual exposure mobile DR independently developed by Shenzhen Angell Technology, is rapidly supporting global anti-epidemic, including Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Africa and many other countries and regions have purchased nearly 100  Mobile DR equipment. This device has an advanced motorized driven motion system. The ultra-narrow body can flexibly travel between the hospital corridor and the bed. In order to solve the convenience, efficiency and safety of the operation, the device is also equipped with a wireless visualization exposure solution during the process, you can set up the voice intercom by holding the tablet device, and the tablet device can clearly view the patient’s positioning image, which truly would make isolates during exposure, safer and more efficient.


Shenzhen Angell Mobile DR System Support to Southeast Asia

Shenzhen Angell Technology: The biggest DR manufacturer in China

As the largest DR R&D Center and manufacturer in Asia, Shenzhen Angell Technology currently has sufficient Mobile DR equipment and fixed DR equipment standby. The annual production capacity of Mobile DR can reach 2,000 units, which can quickly meet the urgent requirements from overseas and provide installation support and after-sales service support.

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