In Times of Need, Industrial Businesses Can Count on California Industrial Rubber Co.

In Times of Need, Industrial Businesses Can Count on California Industrial Rubber Co.

Most American consumers take rubber for granted, but industrial business owners know that natural and synthetic rubber is essential not just for the production of many consumer goods but also to many manufacturing processes. In uncertain times, industrial manufacturers need to know that they have a supplier they can count on. Visit to learn about one well-established, reputable supplier that can help or read on to find out about how they provide off-the-shelf and custom solutions to industrial and agricultural clients across the state and beyond.

Natural vs. Synthetic Rubber

People have been using natural rubber for thousands of years, but synthetic rubber has been around for less than a century. It provides an excellent, cost-efficient alternative to natural rubber that can be tailored to meet product manufacturers’ specific requirements. Synthetic rubber is more elastic than natural rubber and is resistant to oil, oxygen, electricity, many chemicals, and even weak acids. Companies like California Industrial Rubber Co. supply synthetic rubber to a wide variety of industry-leading businesses, including vehicle manufacturers, healthcare equipment suppliers, sporting equipment manufacturers, and more.

Manufactured Rubber Products

California Industrial Rubber sells a variety of pre-manufactured products to business owners across the state. They range from adhesives and aerosols to conveyor belts, protective clothing, and more.

Protecting the Health of Workers

California and Nevada business owners can purchase pre-manufactured protective clothing and personal protective equipment in bulk to ensure that all their workers are safe. In today’s difficult and uncertain climate, access to personal protective equipment is more important than ever. Buying high-quality products from a trusted manufacturer is the best way to keep workers safe from unnecessary risks.

Keeping Manufacturing Moving Forward

California Industrial Rubber produces a wide range of conveyor belts for industrial clients. Conveyor belts made from rubber are resistant to oil, heat, and even most chemicals, so they’re perfect for almost any industrial environment. High-quality conveyor belts make it easier to move parts and products around manufacturing plants, improve worker productivity, and can help to reduce operating costs, so there’s no downside to buying specialized rubber conveyor belts.

Getting Hydraulic Equipment Back Online

Synthetic rubber is a perfect material for hydraulic hoses and couplings. Each component produced is manufactured to the highest standards, so business owners won’t have to worry about whether they will be able to withstand the daily wear that occurs on manufacturing floors. Don’t wait until hydraulic machines fail completely. Replace aging hoses now to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Custom Solutions

Need custom rubber products manufactured to precise standards using high-quality materials? California Industrial Rubber can fabricate custom parts and components as needed and they have staff on-hand to help business owners determine their exact needs. 

Need a custom or prefabricated rubber or plastic parts and products and want to find a reliable supplier? Business owners can trust a family-owned company that has been in business for decades. Visit to get in touch today.

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