Diamond painting kit company helping to boost American economy with new USA-based production facility

5D Artist has shifted production facilities in local market from abroad in an effort to revive national economy which has been devastated by the recent COVID-19 lockdown.

Las Vegas, Nevada – May 19, 2020 – The COVID-19 pandemic has severely blown the national economy leading to job losses in many countries across the America. 5D Artist, a diamond painting kit company, has taken the vow of leading the influx of bringing jobs back to the continent through its new local production facilities by moving its overseas production department to the USA market. This is expected to create more job opportunities to Americans and guarantee faster shipping services for national customers. 

5D Artist will open new factories in North America. The USA-based facility is set to be unveiled on September 15, 2020 while the one in Mexico is expected to commence on January 15, 2021. Both are in an effort to respond to the economic crisis due to COVID-19.

“We are pleased to announce that we are soon to open our new local USA-based production facility in September 2020 and another one in Mexico in January 2021. Our national economy is passing through a testing phase of late and unless we take up the responsibility to boost the local job sector, the economic revival will remain a distant dream. In that light, we have shifted our production department from overseas establishments to our national USA market to support our local and national economy. We are looking forward to make the highest volume of Diamond Painting product in the world and create healthy job opportunities for our local job sector”, stated a leading spokesperson from 5D Artist.

The new USA-based production facility is also launched to overcome the logistics issues that the company has had been facing recently. The current lockdown norms allow shipment of only the essential commodities which has put the delivery on non-essential commodities on hold. As per the spokesperson, they were unable to deliver multiple orders on time last month as they were having difficulties in sourcing and shipping the painting kits from the overseas production house. 

“We had a tough time in delivering orders on time in recent times due to the lockdown regulations that have banned shipping of non-essential commodities from abroad. This delay in delivery due to logistics issues is really embarrassing for us and we have our sincere apologies for our customers. In fact, one of the main reasons behind our new local production facility is to ensure fastest possibly delivery without the risks of such embarrassing situations in future.”

Despite being a new craft in the adult therapy market, diamond painting has rapidly gained remarkable popularity across the USA and worldwide. 5D Artist boasts of premium diamond painting kits which reputably carry excellent therapeutic benefits and also assure hours of fun. Each comprehensive diamond painting kit uses ultra-eco Ink system to guarantee the softest and highest print quality. 

5D Artist offers a wide range of versatile diamond painting kits covering nature, vintage, mosaic art, animals, fantasy and mystical, people, wildlife, religious subjects and so on. Added to generic paintings, customers can also choose from famous artworks painted by legendary artists such as Raphael, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, or Van Gogh. The painting kits are easy to use for both adults and kids alike. Additionally, these painting kits serve as a great handmade product for wall decoration or as a pretty gift for a beloved friend, such as the company’s bestselling Cross Stitch Rhinestone Embroidery. The company also offers free shipping to both national and international customers.  

For further inquiries and information, please visit https://5dartist.com/.

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