Dive into the dark and propulsive Euro-pop anthem “Mistakes”, filled with catchy hooks and futuristic vocals by Ed Golfo

An adventurous songwriter, Ed Golfo is a multi-faceted artist whose music is a beautiful amalgamation of electronic beats and irresistible pop melodies, which he uses to create his signature sound. Ed Golfo has a knack for bringing people together from different backgrounds on one platform. 

Ed Golfo released his latest single “Mistakes”, which is an astounding outcome of his idea of using open sourcing and allowing new artists to collaborate with him. This allowed him to control his music and get a fresh and unique sound at the same time. The song is 3 min 20 seconds long that starts with a bang, not giving the listeners the slightest moment to lose interest in it. The song is an energy-filled tank, with catchy beats, from the very beginning to the end. This song is a result of a few unsuccessful attempts by Ed Golfo at starting traditional bands, after which he decided to collaborate with others. This song is a perfect example of the phrase “Everything happens for a reason”.

“I have spent my teenage years playing guitar in a band, several bands, and taking part in several recording projects. While my ability as an instrumentalist kept me in demand, what I longed for was to be in creative control of a project, and when I had the necessary skills, I set out to introduce my songs to the world”, says Ed Golfo, explaining about his musical journey.

Ed Golfo relies on his many friends to elevate his music with their unique talents, the result of which is an open-hearted sound that eliminates boundaries between genres. His music style is self-evolving and also depends on the people who contribute to it.

Music comes naturally to Ed Golfo since childhood. Where some kids can’t even speak properly, he composed his first melody in preschool on a keyboard. His father played guitar in a band, and her mother too was a musician, which led him to compose his second piece of music on his guitar at the age of 11. Ed Golfo believes that everything that is around us is vibration and for him, music is a way of connecting to that vibe. Music gives him the freedom to express and subtly deal with his emotions.

Ed Golfo summons his fans and asks them to love music with no boundaries, and music will take you to places that you have never been to. Music is the most beautiful creation of mankind, which is exciting, liberating, and soothing, all at once.

Listen to Ed Golfo’s latest single “Mistakes” now on spotify.com.

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