Dennis M. Postema Successful Entrepreneur and International Best-Selling Author Shares His Rugged Road to Success

David Essel’s radio show David Essel Alive! has been on air for more than 30 years. In this show Pathways to Success, David digs into Dennis Postema’s Entrepreneurial journey.

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Dennis M. Postema, a successful entrepreneur, international best-selling author, certified life, business and health coach, certified personal trainer and registered financial consultant talks about how he has overcome the hardships of his abnormal past. After losing a brother he buried himself in work to cope with his loss- which soon led to his own health deteriorating.

After struggling with a stress induced illness, he realized the importance of his physical and mental health. During this time, he found himself reading an abundance of motivational publications. This led him to start two of his many successful businesses. He started two new health and motivational programs – 2inspire and Motivation and Success. These uplifting programs both offer free monthly magazines on their websites.

Shotcallers, a motivational magazine designed for anyone with a goal to be successful can be found free online at

2Inspire, a health and fitness magazine, designed to inspire readers to begin a healthy, happy lifestyle.

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