Serena Elis’ latest single “Stone Heart” inspires one to open up about their struggles and stay true to their emotions

Serena Elis is an epitome of a perfect, independent woman, not only in the world of music but also as an entrepreneur. She is the CEO of D x S (Daydream by Sea) and is in charge of Digital Production. Originally from New York, she is a multifarious artist, who happens to be a music producer, singer, songwriter, and designer all at once. Her musical background in classical instruments heavily influences her music production technique, integrated with her intuitive insight for music culture that has helped her develop a futuristic approach to music composition by using the latest technology and software.

Serena Elis’ latest project is known as “Stone Heart”, which is a single released on May 9, 2020,  produced by Serena Elis and 5ickness. “When I produced it, I was thinking about my past experience of Unrequited love. I fell for this guy so hard that he brought out this side of me I didn’t know existed. The song starts with “please don’t let me go” The man I fell for rejected me and that was extremely hard to cope with. He just didn’t feel the same way as I felt about him. “I thought I’d let you know that your heart gives me glow“… I felt brighter when I thought of him and I had the need to open up about my feelings even if that meant letting him go” in the lyrics. I really wanted to project in this track that we can experience tough situations but we always have a choice to come out even stronger and wiser than before, because rejections just means a different direction”, says Serena Elis, explaining the vibe behind the song. The song is a like 2 minutes and 57 seconds long dive, into the divinity of music. “In life being able to open up about my feelings has been a struggle, but it feels good to open up to someone you admire even if they don’t like you back, at least I was true to myself” she adds. 

While working on her music production, Serena Elis also participates in Audio Production for science Documentaries and 3D Digital Art. She is very progressive in her approach to engineering and designing; and she will be a continuum of modern and sophistication.

Her musical journey started when she was just six years of age when she used to watch MTV in foster care. She even managed to land up into a commercial with Mariah Carey back in 1999 when she was 7, and shortly after which, she got adopted. All these little things in her life inspired her to learn and grow in music. 

All through her life, Serena Elis has been inspired by a lot of artists but her favorites are- Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Grimes, and Imogen Heap. Her musical style is defiantly experimental and she loves playing with different genres and mixing them up into something unique.

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