Dental Mouth Guards Work Best When Fitted Professionally

There are many dental conditions beyond cavities and tooth loss that can cause pain and anxiety, plus a host of other problems.  One of these is called “bruxism”.  Bruxism is the grinding of teeth without a conscience effort on the part of the individual.  While it can happen at any time of the day, it usually occurs while a person is asleep.  It is oftentimes caused by a misalignment of teeth and can cause great pain if not treated.  Mouth guards can alleviate bruxism.

Although used to combat Bruxism, mouth guards are also routinely used during sports. 

Many dentists, including Singer Dental in Ontario, provide custom fitted mouth guards for those that engage in sports.  The mouth guard safeguards the teeth from injury while engaging in sports, especially contact sports, or those that involve any type of ball play.  Custom mouth guards are far superior than those purchased in stores or pharmacies.  A great fit alleviates more tooth grinding, and the thickness of the mouth guard can be adjusted depending upon the activities and sports.  For example, a much thicker mouth guard is needed in hockey, because of the hardness of the hockey puck, which can shatter teeth in an instant. 

There is a process used to assure a custom fit.

The first step is making a mold using materials that cover the teeth and then hardens.  The mouth guard is then fashioned, and a fitting done.  Any adjustments are then made, and the patient can many times have this done in only one or perhaps two sessions.  It is painless, and the benefits are extraordinary in the preservation of teeth.  Bruxism can lead to cracked teeth, jaw pain, and even headaches.  Sports injuries can cause permanent tooth loss.  Mouth guards are very affordable and last for years. 

The newest thermoplastic materials are used in the fashioning of mouth guards.

These new materials lead to superior strength and flexibility and comfort.  Singer Dental has a team of specialists who can provide mouth guards to anyone that needs them and can custom fit anyone for any type of problem.  Going without a proper mouth guard can even sometimes lead to nerve damage within the facial sphere.  This is too be avoided at all costs, as this is irreversible for the most part.  Cracked teeth, broken teeth, and loose teeth due to sports are however still the most common injuries. 

Mouth guards are especially important if an individual also wears braces. 

Braces make teeth move and can cause pressure too.  In order to protect both the teeth and the braces that are in place, a mouth guard becomes even more important.  Getting a custom fitted mouth guard also then becomes paramount as fitting one at home would be quite a difficult process in this scenario.  A consultation with a good dental team and a great mouth guard can alleviate problems now and into the future, especially when combined with braces. No hesitation should ever occur. 

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