Japan’s ZEFF invents the world’s first ice packs for summer skin care

Summer heat makes the skin tanned; T-zone oil soared, pores greasy and coarse; ultraviolet allergy, often sunburn cracked skin … these summer skin care problems, is finally overcome by an epoch-making Japanese high-tech beauty equipment.

Following the global rush in 2019 with a “whitening pill applied to the face” ZEFF skin whitening cream, Japan’s Hokkaido technology pharmaceutical brand ZEFF has launched a new product for the summer of 2020, the world’s first ice beauty appliance – ice beauty appliance. It is reported that this beauty apparatus, which brings together Japan’s top skincare black technology, is specially developed for summer skin problems, only 30 seconds to cool and calm the skin, eliminate the sunshine brought about by various skin problems, for the majority of beauty-loving women to easily start summer skin “freezing” time.

“What kind of immortal beauty apparatus is this? That’s a lot of beauty!” This is the first impression of the ZEFF Ice Beauty System from the first testers, Kazumi Ryokawa.

It is understood that this beauty apparatus from Japan Jikou Co., Ltd.’s Hokkaido science and technology drug makeup big brand ZEFF, this let the Japanese people proud of the laboratory skin care big brand, has been adhering to the Japanese extreme skin care craftsman spirit, the cutting-edge technology and Japan’s local pure raw materials fusion, creating the most safe and efficient drug makeup products. After many years of research and development, ZEFF Ice Beauty Apparatus was finally released this summer after thousands of clinical trials, so that ZEFF once again become the Japanese pharmaceutical field of the wind vane.

“As a large number of women often experience ‘skin problem outbreaks’ during the summer months, when hot temperatures and excessive UV rays can cause serious damage to the skin, there is an urgent need for a highly targeted product to save the skin all over.” ZEFF laboratory member Akai introduced, ZEFF ice compress beauty apparatus using the black technology skin-friendly material ABS + nano material, can maintain a low to 6 ℃ constant temperature state, within 1 minute for the summer skin cooling soothing, repair various sun damage.

“For the whole body, this massager is designed with a multi-functional massage head with a top detail massage head that targets the eye area and freezes away dark circles, and a large bottom area massage head that massages the skin on the face and whole body to eliminate edema, quickly hydrate and repair the skin, and pamper the whole body.”

“I’m lucky to be one of the first to try this new product from ZEFF!” Ryoukawa and beauty happy said, “Recently the weather is hot, I have been used to every day home to ZEFF ice packs beauty apparatus from the refrigerator freezer, then beautiful to do a cool spa. 6 ℃ ice feeling just right, very comfortable, since the ZEFF ice packs beauty apparatus, puffy eyes, skin allergy when I do not panic, with it for a little while will be effective, feel like playing skin blemishes ‘play’ game, gently massage a few, blemishes will disappear, this feeling is really great.”

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