Plus PPL, A New Movement, and Community Promotes Self-Love, Self-Confidence, Body Positivity, and Style Among Plus-Size Women Worldwide

“It is time to shine. Plus PPL is a new movement and online community promoting self-love, self-confidence, and body positivity, helping women around the world to celebrate who they are and embrace their inner and outer beauty, fashion, and style. For the first time, plus people from all walks of life can fully enjoy and celebrate their bodies with the fashion they deserve in a real, positive, and loving way.”

Plus PPL is changing the lives of thousands of women around the world. Committed to taking self-esteem to the next level, Plus PPL is putting an end to the discriminating phenomenon between fashion dimensions by creating a real tailored shopping experience for plus size women.

In 2020, women around the world are still struggling to recognize and appreciate themselves for who they are. With difficulties developing #selfconfidence, many feel society does not accept or love them due to their outward physical appearance. But Plus PPL, through its influencer network and community of motivators, is seeking to change those feelings held close by millions around the world.

#PlusPPL is a movement of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, which ensures people feel seen and heard no matter what their story is. Behind each influencer and inspirational voice are countless other women on the same journey, who are finally beginning to recognize that all bodies are beautiful and powerful in the shapes and sizes they come with. Simply put, society cannot impose constructive standards on different body types and abilities but we, as individuals and in groups, can. Everyone can finally feel good in their skin and radiate positivity and emotional support from a thriving community that prides itself on accepting everyone just the way they are.

Join the movement today as a #PLUSuencer, a new plus-size influencer, and help encourage and motivate this thriving community around the world. By promoting the ideas of #selflove, #selfconfidence, #bodyimage, and #positivity, plus-sized women are feeling empowered in a new and exciting light. Anyone can join the movement and broaden the community by using the Plus PPL Instagram filter, “Love and Positivity,” by @plus.ppl on Instagram.

Be a part of this new social movement and amazing platform community, which has the potential of reaching women from all corners of the globe. The issues Plus PPL addresses are real, and the idea of promoting real body image has never been more important. We all love feeling great about ourselves, and Plus PPL is helping women around the world embrace their inner and outer beauty, fashion, and style from this day forward.

To learn more, and to start celebrating who you are with #PSfashion and style, please visit or join the movement on Facebook, Instagram, or GIPHY. Additionally, see social media tags #PlusPPL, #YouArePlus, and #PLUSuencer.

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