MILAD JT New Album Coming Out Summer 2020

Milad Jt, a Musician, Entrepreneur, and Influencer announced that his full New Techno Album “Game On” will be released by Summer 2020.

The title “Game on” indicate after years of producing and helping others, it’s time to enter the stage himself and give people what they need from music.

He recently released a track “People” from his album that was played over thousands times online in just couple of days. The track name show how valuable are his audience and how he tries to build the connection with the people.

Seyed Milad Torabi, better known by his stage name MILAD JT has become one of the most influential young figures in his home country in recent years and is well on his way to becoming known around the world. A native of Rafsanjan, Iran, he is a multitalented artist and businessman with powerful connections in seeming every part of the music industry. He hasn’t even reached his 30th birthday yet and has accomplished more than many people do in a lifetime.

Long before he was cavorting with Persian movie stars and footballers, MILAD was a humble guitar player with a dream of traveling the globe playing music.  After developing an ear for techno, he started producing electronic music and immersing himself in the culture. He first emerged onto the scene in 2012, producing tracks for some of the most famous singers in the country. As his reputation for hit making grew, he started producing tracks under his own name as well. Within no time, he was collaborating with some of the most talented DJ’s around the world. Milad’s official Instagram account is known with the name “Miladjt” and has followers like Reza Golzar and Mehdi Jahani, big and great Movie stars and Iranian Singers who has been working with Milad jt in the past.

Once his career as a musician was well established, MILAD JT started to embrace his entrepreneurial spirit. Having spent many years traveling the world and attending festivals, it was only natural that he became involved behind the scenes. He started by investing in festivals and events which propelled him into hosting his own events, including festivals in Ibiza and Tulum. His skills as a businessman were the perfect supplement to his musical abilities, allowing him to fully ingrain himself into the music world in a way that many up and comers can only dream of.

MILAD JT’s most recent singles show just how much he has grown in the past few years. The complex rhythms and hypnotic atmosphere combine to create a truly astounding sound.  It is easy to see why his career continues to grow, as he builds a track that almost seems to have a dance party built directly into it.

2020 – 21 is set up to be the biggest year of his career to date. He is planning to make increasingly high-profile performances at festivals across Europe and the United States, all leading up to the release of his debut full length record.  Once that record drops, it’s likely that MILAD JT will become one of the biggest names in his industry.

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