LA Wax Club arrives in Korea with next-gen 1.5 car wash model – opens new location in Hwaseong

LA Wax Club has launched a new location Korea to refine the car care service quality in the country through its breakthrough Automated Nano Wax & Polish System and 99% Waterless Car Wash technology.

Birmingham, AL – May 21, 2020 – LA Wax Club is pleased to announce the launch of their new location in Korea this month. The leading American car polish and wash company aspires to elevate car care quality in the country with state-of-the-art 1.5 service model that boasts their proprietary Automated Nano Wax & Polish System™ and 99% Waterless Car Wash technology

LA Wax Club has opened their first Korean location in the city of Hwaseong and is also looking for future locations in the country.

LA Wax Club follows the advanced 1.0 service model (Automated Nano Wax & Polish System™) for its U.S. locations. But for the new Korean location, the company has adopted the cutting-edge 1.5 model as it is specifically designed for metro/urban cities with limited spaces and with water shortages/restrictions.

“We are excited to expand our business to Korea this month. We are well aware about the existing problems in the Korean car wash scene at present and we aim to address these woes with our next-gen service model. Our new Korean location has been equipped with innovative 1.5 model which is especially designed with our urban setup and the water restrictions in mind. Our dynamic service model uses 99% waterless car wash system which not only saves water but also sanitizes/disinfects surfaces. Alongside, we have our advanced automated nano wax & polish system which will wax and polish your car in as little as 10 minutes”, stated a leading spokesperson from LA Wax Club.

LA Wax Club is a leading nanotech company which aims to redefine the current car wash scene with state-of-the-art technologies and services. The firm has developed its proprietary Nano Magic Chemical Line which currently stands as the industry-leading solution for car care across the U.S. 

In 2019, LA Wax Club effectively incorporated L.A. Automatic Polisher to its cutting-edge Nano Magic to ensure faster and better wax and polish service than ever before. As per the statements of the spokesperson, Automatic Nano Wax and Polish System™ is the world’s most innovative and effective way to gloss up vehicles, including the autonomous cars. The technology renders the vehicles with a dapper “wet look” and also prevents formation of water spots and oxidation. Additionally, the automated quotient helps to perform the most labor-intensive work with minimal human input and less capital investment. 

“The automotive industry is an ever-evolving space and has always encouraged innovative initiatives, such as self-driving vehicles. However, the car care industry, in general, has been less-than-stellar at keeping up the pace with the innovative efforts. At LA Wax Club, we want to elevate the quality of cosmetic car care today through the breakthrough technologies of nano chemical and automation which not only escalate the service quality but also save customers time and money.”

A dynamic company, LA Wax Club is currently working on AI-powered systems to make the service models even smarter. By 2022, the firm is hopeful to operate with 100% labor-free service with autonomous vehicles.

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