Green Gruff is utilizing Mr. Checkout’s Fast Track Program to reach Independent Pet Stores Nationwide.

Green Gruff is utilizing Mr. Checkout's Fast Track Program to reach Independent Pet Stores Nationwide.

“Green Gruff offers a limited time starter kit for retailers to get set up quickly and to make sales with an amazing margin.”
Green Gruff offers 3 distinct soft-chews that target the common ailments that hinder our furry friends. Ease joint and hip chews are made with ginger, turmeric, collagen, green-lipped mussels, and CBD to support joint lubrication, anti-inflammation, tissue repair, and pain management. Relax chews include chamomile, valerian root, I-tryptophan, and CBD to boost the production of dopamine, serotonin, and melatonin which are essential for calming the nervous system.

Green Gruff is excited to announce a new limited-time offer for retailers to get set up quickly and to make sales with an amazing margin.

Green Gruff is taking the pet industry by storm with their CBD supplements that help the general well being of dogs in a delicious way. Above all else, the company believes that every dog deserves the best life possible and Green Gruff prioritizes the health, happiness, and well-being of all dogs. Green Gruff is meticulous about what’s being ingested by pets and takes pride in providing the cleanest and safest products. All of their ingredients support organic and pesticide-free farmers who help achieve Green Gruff’s fundamental purpose and dogs can taste the difference.

Green Gruff has begun gaining notoriety with pet retailers and owners because of the proven quality of their three recipes. As Green Gruff CEO Jonathan Persofsky said “A healthy outside starts from the inside,” so each chew provides the perfect balance of health-giving nutrients that sustain and support energy. To accomplish this each chew packed with active ingredients that give as much nutritional benefit as possible. Also, each ingredient has been precisely selected by industry-leading vets and animal nutritionists for optimal health. This means avoiding all fillers and allergens (no corn, wheat or soy).

One of the key ingredients that make Green Gruff so effective is its use of CBD in all three of their recipes. CBD is derived from the cannabis plant but has been shown to be effective in treating anxiety, pain, and skin allergies. “I have seen the effectiveness of CBD in dogs many times over, but Green Gruff is what I tend to use in my veterinary practice because it is effective and dogs love it,” said Jeffery Powers, the Chairman of the AVMA Council on Biologics and Therapeutics.

To support their rapid growth in the midst of the pandemic Green Gruff is offering a limited time starter pack for retailers. The starter pack ensures that retailers have a convenient way of showcasing this new product to customers at a price that allows for significant margins. The display case holds full jars (90 chews) and trail bags (12 chews) of all three recipes, Green Gruff brochures containing all the information consumers may want to know about the recipes and dog collar lights that promote the health and safety of our companions. The trial size is a great way to introduce consumers to these products without needing to purchase a full month’s supply. Additionally, the back of the display case further aids the retailer by providing information on the science behind the recipes and how all of the ingredients complement each other to target the common ailments that hinder our furry friends.

Care is in everything Green Gruff does. From their hand-selected ingredients to their well-designed child safety proof containers. Their purpose is to ensure all dogs will live longer, happier and healthier lives while supporting the ecosystem surrounding them. The love for our pets, people and planet. That’s Gruff love.

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