Expanding Gate Valve For Applications That Demand A Tight Mechanical Seal Across Temperatures

Expanding Gate Valve For Applications That Demand A Tight Mechanical Seal Across Temperatures
The WKM Pow-R-Seal is a trusted expanding gate valve that has been used across industries for sixty years. It is sold by Energy Products Company and delivers a tight mechanical seal that is not disturbed by vibrations or changes in pressure.

According to announcements released by Energy Products Company, the expanding gate valve offered on its online catalog is one of the most sought-after valves for applications where it is important to control and direct the flow of oil, gas, and other liquids. It is manufactured by Cameron, which is a leading provider of valves and measurement systems. The WKM Pow-R-Seal expanding mainline gate valve has a smooth and continuous bore that minimizes turbulence. The valve features a full bore that facilitates running scrapers and hot tap cutters without the risk of damage to the valve.

The very specific advantages delivered by this expanding gate valve include protection of the seat faces that are present outside the flow stream and in full contact with the gate. This increases the life of the seat. The seat features a double sealing and is in-line replaceable. It delivers upstream and downstream sealing. The seal is designed to withstand dirty service and has excellent compatibility with almost all ladings. This expanding gate valve has served the industry for more than six decades. It is used in launchers and receivers, decoking systems, gathering lines, etc. The WKM Pow-R-Seal expanding mainline gate valve is backed by excellent aftermarket support and an assured provision of OEM supplies. Customers can rely on the expert and efficient response by skilled engineers and technicians.

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Destructive turbulence is nearly eliminated with this expanding gate valve. In a full-bore valve, the pressure drop through the valve is no greater than that through an equal length of equal diameter pipe. The WKM Pow-R-Seal valve’s parallel expanding gate design provides a tight mechanical seal, upstream and downstream simultaneously, which is normally unaffected by pressure variations or vibration. The seal is unaffected by pressure surges, vibration, or heat under normal operating conditions. First, the seat insert contacts the gate. Then, the insert is compressed, and a metal-to-metal seal is established.

The stem seal is completely contained in the bonnet. The stem is centralized by bearings and features a nickel-plated stem standard. The seal is self-adjusting and works independently of plastic packing. The pedestal not only provides support to the seal but also functions as a stem scraper. The bolted bonnet valve is in-line repairable. It resists almost all ladings. The design offers excellent sealing that is vital for high-temperature uses. PTFE seals on both faces of the valve provide drop tight sealing, while metal-to-metal contact between the seals and gate mechanism provides tight shutoff. All-metal seals also are available for service to 1000° F (538° C), where leakage rates comply with API 6D and ISO 5208 standards.

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