No Code App Building By V/One For Non-Technical Entrepreneurs

No Code App Building By V/One For Non-Technical Entrepreneurs
V/One, a Los Angeles, California-based mobile app developer, helps mobile businesses bring their ideas to life through an easy drag and drop app development. With no coding skills required, this service is a time and money saver.

According to announcements released by V/One and Jeremy Redman, the mobile app development company helps businesses turn their ideas and concepts into functional apps, no code required. All alternatives to this service are not feasible because of the time, money, and skills one has to be prepared to invest in these. These alternatives include learning how to code, outsourcing to a remotely located coder, hire a dev shop, use cookie-cutter app templates, or go into a partnership with someone who has the coding skills. 

According to sources, work on the app begins after a client uploads app assets and app requirements on the allotted dashboard. Version One consists of core functionality and designs. This Version One  or V/One is the foundation of getting a functional app in the cloud. Changes, revisions, and feature adds can be requested through the change request form online. Finished apps are submitted to the Google Play app store for a one-time app store submission fee. V/One offers its clients the expertise of a world-class mobile development company while charging a fraction of what other app developers do. While freelancers too may be able to deliver an app at a lower cost, these monetary savings are often nullified by the time one has to spend following up with them.

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Jeremy Redman of V/One said, “V/One helps non-technical entrepreneurs and SMBs build their native and web apps with our app controller – intuitively turning designs into apps – saving time, money, and headache. So convenient. You have the idea, what do you do now? You make YourVone, of course. We are here to be the starting point for non-technical entrepreneurs and move the ball forward. Anyone can do it, we just facilitate. Don’t waste time looking for partners, developers, or money. Don’t learn how to navigate yet another system or learn to code just to get to the same end. Focus on what you do best. Spend only what you need to build your first version. Focus on core functionality and build (spend) what you need when you need it, using our smart assistant—no need to pretend to know what you’re doing. If you can type, you can do it with our platform. We’re your project manager, your dev, and in some cases your designer. You just type.”

On the usefulness of apps for mobile businesses, Redman said, “Having a mobile responsive site is absolutely necessary, but it’s also the minimum in today’s mobile-first landscape. Apps are an excellent way to engage your customers on a more frequent basis. You can use an app to send push notifications. You can run specials or loyalty bonuses for app users. These are things you can’t do with only a website. Perhaps the coolest thing about having an app is that you get a spot on your customer’s device.”

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