Long Island Snow Removal Company, Longo\’s Landscaping Announces the Launch of Residential Customers

Long Island Snow Plowing Company, Longo\’s Landscaping announces the launch of new residential & commercial snow removal services.

Mar. 29, 2013ST. JAMES, N.Y.Long Island Snow Removal Company, Longo’s Landscaping announces that they will be plowing and removing snow for clients in the upcoming 2012 season.
As the beauty of summer fades, replaced with the crisp and cool fall months, we all know that winter hides gently behind falls breeze. With it will come a typical Long Island winter? Snow, heavy winds and a deep freeze.  However, Longo’s of Long Island, the Long Island Landscapers now a popular Long Island Company, will not be hibernating.  Rather, they will turn to those aspects of their business that allow them to operate and serve their customers year round.
We all know that at some point the snow is coming.  It is a question of when not if.  But why hire a landscaping company to remove it for?  Well, there are a number of reasons. For starters, older clients should not be dealing with the hassle of snow.  Aside from getting hurt while lifting it, even more dangerously, homeowners could slip and fall and seriously get injured. With their slue of new machinery and well experienced staff Longo’s will make sure that customers properties are clean and safe for commuting. They finish the job as quick as they will respond. Longo’s is also servicing commercial clients so that small businesses don’t have to lose money by taking the day off due to snow. The process is easy, once you hire Longo’s they will show up to your home or business, they will clear your driveway, show the walkway so their is a clear path then salt or sand it so it is safe for walking.

According to owner Nick Longo, “Shoveling snow can be a lot more dangerous than people think.  More so, it can be just as dangerous to ignore the snow and wait for it to melt.“

Here is a little history about Long Island Snow Plow Company, Longo’s

Longo’s Landscaping was established in 1980 by owner Nick Longo.  Now serving Long Island for thirty years, an impressive amount of success, Longo’s Landscaping does anything but close up shop for the winter.  Overall, Longo’s Landscaping presents their customers, residential & commercial with so much more than just cutting grass.  They specialize in poolscapes, masonry, driveways, tree removal, patios, walkways and so much more.  As for the winter, Longos Landscaping gives their customers a break from the snow and offers snow removal. For a free consultation you can call them 631-862-8605.

Company Name: Longo\’s Landscaping
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Phone: 631-862-8606
Address:27 Marchant Dr. St. James, N.Y. 11780
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