Author and Mother, Lady Dre, Pens an Ancient Egyptian Novel “Jeska” and Debuts with Rave Reviews

Author and Mother, Lady Dre, Pens an Ancient Egyptian Novel "Jeska" and Debuts with Rave Reviews

“Available on Amazon. Order your copy today for an exciting read.”
An intriguing look into a modern novel set in Ancient Egypt debuts on Amazon.

New Orleans, LA, USA – May 25, 2020 – Author and mother, Lady Dre, is a dreamer who loves the freedom that comes with reading a good book. Her desire to read about faraway, and magical places led her to a destined path to author a fabulous tale called “Jeska.” Dre says, “I often love the many worlds I create in my mind more than I do reality.” That sentiment drove her to author, “Jeska” which is set in ancient Egypt and is now available on Amazon.


There is a storm coming to Egypt, and one woman has the power to dictate where it goes and who it breaks. 

Jeska was a girl who just wanted to learn how to be a healer and make her family proud. An encounter with royalty doesn’t change that, but it certainly complicates things. She is swept away into the glittering world of the royals; it is a beautiful world that hides the betrayal she will soon receive with a pretty facade. She fell in love quickly with Hotep, a kind boy who saw past the glitter of the court and tried to help her do the same.

But the facade, as all facades do, soon fell apart.

Jeska is a woman who has lost everything, her love, her husband, and two of her children, she is bent but not broken, and she has her mind fixed on revenge. When an old friend asks her to dive straight into the war, she doesn’t hesitate, and this time, she is not alone, Hotep, now a great warrior will be working with her. Together, they will uncover secrets, fight battles, and rekindle a love they thought was long gone, still, will her actions be enough to stop destruction from raining down on Egypt?



“Jeska is such a great character. The mix of history and fiction together is seamless. I really feel like I’ve been in ancient Egypt this morning.” – Katie Marie

“I very much enjoyed the message of independence, empowerment, friendship, and strength that was embodied through Jeska. It’s a great message for little girls, women and men.” – JoNisha Kelly

“I was surprised by the story. I didn’t expect the main character, Jeska, to be so strong, outspoken, and independent. I really liked this story.” – Bryanna Monet


Lady Dre is a dreamer who loves the freedom that comes with reading a good book. She sometimes enjoys the worlds her imagination creates more than reality; she is a mom and a paralegal who loves writing whenever she isn’t with her friends or hanging out with Mickey and Minnie Mouse in Disneyland. She doesn’t get a lot of free time to write, but when she does, she bleeds emotions into the pages, and the results are often magical. She lives in Los Angeles, where she goes to brunch with her friends as much as is humanly possible and does her best to watch all the great movies she can find.

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