“Days in Exile” narrative film officially exposed

The filming team made a complete documentary shot of the current status of the Tibetan family in exile. “Days in Exile” is a true eight story about the Tibetan family in exile and the challenge of finding a new identity. The film has a profound meaning and a heavy theme.

During the creation of “Days in Exile”, in order to ensure the authenticity of the record, the shooting team went deep into the plateau area and made a comprehensive report on the Tibetan family interviewed by the record. Ensure that every sentence and every record can be truly and completely exposed to the world and let the world know

For this group, most people’s cognition is vague, they have been neglected for a long time, but their situation is indeed real. Many reports and records about Tibet tell many stories from different angles, but this is indeed the first time that we have paid attention to this group.

A large number of precious Tibetan exile materials were recorded. After careful editing, the film was finally presented. The recording team showed the most authentic aspect of Tibetans in exile to the camera.

During the conversation with Tibetans from all walks of life, they truly recorded the process of their fleeing and fleeing to India. But it is safe to say that the life of exiled Tibetans in India is far less than their previous expectations.

The refugee status faced by the Tibetan families in exile cannot afford to buy houses and land, the economy and living pressure are high, they are not accepted by the Indian locals, they are repeatedly discriminated, and the young people find it difficult to find employment. The record of this film also hopes that this group of people will get attention and hope that they can be understood and recognized by the world.

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