Photographer tobyjakewright making a buzz at only 14

tobyjakewright is a photographer from Basildon UK, He started off young, aged 9!  

He continued to Persevere at his art. On many occasions spending hours figuring out how it all worked. Intrigued by the machine that brought him great happiness; tobyjakewright started to doing photoshoots for family and friends, just to gain a portfolio. Once He had built up his knowledge, He Released his first book for aspiring photographers talking about the struggles he faced whilst learning the art of photography. To ultimately try and encourage people to not give up because perseverance is key!

Growing up tobyjakewright was always interested in how technology works. What was the method behind things and why things happened. This curiosity led toby to find out what he wanted to be. at the age of 13, tobyjakewright was diagnosed with irlens (a type of dyslexia).

A couple years later Age 14 tobyjakewright is still continuing to follow his dreams. Toby is committed as ever. His work has improved dramatically! I believe it is only a matter of time before the young man becomes a world class photographer.

tobyjakewright has released 2 books so far. “my struggles within the art of photography” talks about the things that he has done wrong whilst learning, to help his readers not make the same mistakes that he made. His second book “guide to portrait photography” talks about how to effectively take portraits of people using photography techniques such as the rule of thirds, composure and colour. A huge part of tobyjakewright’s portfolio focuses on the use of colour and light to portray a desired mood across to the person who is looking at the photo. he likes to make the subject isolated in the frame to keep the vison clear. The repetition within his work Is very apparent. He still has a long way to come but I am sure he is able to surpass his goal quite easily.

You can find tobyjakewright on many social media platforms under the name tobyjakewright or You can find him on his website,

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