Jeffery Hartman, the Manager of the Largest Community Bank and Credit Union groups on LinkedIn, introduces a #Slack Channel to help streamline communication and interaction within the banking sector

The Credit & Community Bank Group Slack channel provides a platform to discuss all banking and finance-related topics.

USA – The Community Bank Group & Credit Union members on LinkedIn collectively decided to streamline the channels of communication in a members-only Slack channel.  

After a huge success that these two groups have seen, the group managers and the industry leaders have started the Credit & Community Bank Group SLACK channel. It provides even further help for the people in the banking industry.  It increases networking capabilities to gain valuable insights from extensive experience of industry specialists. The channel will also be immensely helpful for people looking for jobs and expanding their network. Members can connect with fellow professionals clarifying any doubts and issues on a certain topic, and as finance is a complex industry, so it is good to have someone in the same field to connect with.

Similarly, to the Credit Union & Community Group on Linkedin offers valuable insights from the industry professionals, sharing their experience and mistakes so that more people entering this field could avoid these mistakes and make better decisions. To streamline the communication process and make the interaction between people and communities even easier, the SLACK channel has been built around the two LinkedIn groups.

The SLACK channel has been made in order to reduce the barriers of distance and communication among bankers in general. The channel provides a platform where people of the banking and finance industry can discuss the topics they like and share their ideas and experiences from the past and discuss the present and future.

The group also will be hosting ZOOM meetings and workshops. The purpose of the workshops is to help people stay updated in the latest trends and information about the banking and finance industry. It will assist the members in knowing how the financial situations are going on around the world and getting to know more about the industry. The workshops will also facilitate discussion of best practices that should be applied to any given situation.

The members of the channel can chat about any topic related to finance and even create their own sub-channel to be more exclusive and discuss more specific topics.

If you’re a banker who wants to join the slack group click: JOIN

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