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Jewelry has long been present in every culture since time immemorial. Different people from different civilizations have expressed themselves by accessorizing with jewelry, or marking themselves with tattoos. Gems therefore, together with other precious stones and metals have been associated with beauty, luxury, and social status. To date, pieces of jewelry continue to commemorate life’s milestones and are continually used as gifts and heirlooms. Additionally, it has emphasized its presence in fashion as pieces become more valuable with inclusions of special stones.

On a more practical note, pieces of jewelry are also used by business people and entrepreneurs alike to preserve, or add more to their wealth. Gold and diamonds have been highly regarded because of their value that owning it can add a stake to one’s financial and economic condition.

The emergence of jewelry customization

Since jewelry creates such drama and impact in life, it’s no wonder that people take their time before selecting which one to buy. May it be an engagement ring, an heirloom piece such as a necklace, or even a simple ring for friendship, selecting the right kind and quality can be daunting for some. More than just looking for a great design, there’s just so many things a lot of us are not aware of like quality, clarity, and grade of gems and metals. 

We regard highly of these pieces that sentimental and emotional attributes are invested in it. This is why the emergence of customized jewelry is becoming so popular. Establishments such as Gem Jewelers Co. have been providing affordable custom jewelry services to help embed stories into these exquisite and expensive pieces. Taking into consideration the time and effort given to select a special piece, and marrying it with a customized design creates an incalculable net worth to these already-fine treasures. Making it more affordable means allowing more people to have this unique experience.

Jewelry customization takes a lot of experience, technical know-how, and artistic craftsmanship. There’s undoubtedly so much intricacy from material selection, design collaboration, and customization process. Owning custom-made jewelry has, therefore, become a statement; a form of expression that is proudly communicated to the world. Each piece comes with a story – a story that we can claim is ours and ours alone. With affordable customization, pieces of jewelry become work of art, with added value that goes more than just a mere thousand dollars. 

Getting an experienced jeweler and jewel designer is crucial. Much like art, jewelry customization enables freedom. But that freedom or vision should be properly executed and realized. Whether it has been machine or hand-processed, custom jewelry gives birth to an entirely different article from when it was initially purchased. 

Things to consider when buying jewelry:

1. Diamonds

These stones have 4 basic criteria: color, cut, clarity and carat. 

  • Color: Diamonds are graded from colorless to yellow. However there also exist red and pink diamonds which are only found in Africa, Australia, and Brazil.
  • Cut: Diamonds are cut in several ways. There are princess, cushion, radian, emerald, round, oval, marquise, pear, half-moon, triangle, straight trillion, curved trillion, calf and heart cuts. Among all the cuts, the round brilliant cut is the most expensive.
  • Clarity: This is quite a technical criteria. Diamond grading is divided into 6 categories and 11 clarity grades. To put it simply, all scores consider the stone’s size, reflector, nature, and color, and relief.
  • Carat: This refers to its size. The popular carat weights range from 1 to 2 carats. 

Be warned of this stone’s imitation version: cubic zirconia. It looks very similar to diamonds, but is much cheaper. Some of these are lab-created and can be deceiving. Before buying one, ask your jeweler for a second opinion, or ask for a gemological certification from the store. Additionally, when viewing diamonds, never use a black background as it deceives the eye’s ability of seeing accurate color. View it under some magnification, and have someone help you out if you’re not confident with your instincts.

2. Gold

This precious metal is a common investment for some. It’s a symbol of luxury which goes down to generations. It is measured in carats. The higher it is, the more valuable the gold becomes. It is common to add other metals to it to increase its toughness and hardness. Commonly used metals are palladium, silver, and copper. Needless to say, the higher the quantity of the other metals in proportion to the gold, the cheaper its value becomes. 

Carat Scale:

  • 18-carat gold: 75% pure gold
  • 14-carat gold: 59% pure gold
  • 9-carat gold: 38% pure gold

The finest gold version is 18 carats. It is widely sold in Europe, the United States and Canada. 14 and 9 carats are similarly available in the United Kingdom. There is also 10-carat gold, but it is not as popular.

3. Silver

 Selecting good silver jewelry can be tricky as well. There are different types of silver:

  • Sterling Silver
  • Pure Silver
  • Silver Plate

Among the other types of silver, sterling is the best kind because it’s the most durable. It’s mostly used for common accessories such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets. Unlike gold, silver is a softer metal. Sterling silver is composed of 92% silver and 7% copper or nickel. Again, silver is combined with other metals to improve its strength and luster. This ratio has been an established standard since 1300. When purchasing silver jewelry you can also ask for certification to ensure that you’re getting authentic pieces.


Customized jewelry is a great way to uniquely express yourself and your emotion. Whether it’s for your personal collection or for your loved one, having it customized is like taking your treasure a notch higher above others. Having it customized simply means there is no other piece like it. Embarking on something like this is uncommon, and expensive. If you are decided to pursue, make sure that you equip yourself with much-needed knowledge to make sure your investment doesn’t go to waste. Look for credible designers and jewelers. Draw the vision, review the design. And before execution make sure that it’s really what you want. Don’t get intimidated by intricacies. It’s always best to ask questions. After all, it’s an investment. And if you are seeing for the perfect place to buy, then I can only recommend Gem Jewelers Co.

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