Manufacturing Journalist Interviews Ergonomists about Data-driven Analytics as a COVID-19 Return to Work Strategy

Manufacturing Journalist Interviews Ergonomists about Data-driven Analytics as a COVID-19 Return to Work Strategy

Manufacturing journalist, Thomas R. Cutler interviewed Sam Bradbury and Mark Heidebrecht, partners at Ergonomics International in Evolving Enterprise magazine. Bradbury and Heidebrecht discussed the importance of data-driven analytics as a return to work strategy during the pandemic. Read the entire feature here

Bradbury shared, “COVID-19 impacts the need for data-driven analytics. Data-driven analytics are totally essential in helping employees and employers. Ergonomics International just announced the immediate availability of a COVID-19 Employer Management System (EMS) for abatement strategies. Employers must be armed with necessary tools to identify at-risk employees, track those with COVID-19 immunity, and recognize potential carriers.” 

Heidebrecht explained, “If data-driven ergonomic principles are applied during the design stage, the risks and number of handling points are reduced. This leads to more efficient processes and fewer touches. Movements are money; reducing human movements increases profits and gets the product out the door quicker.” 

Cutler noted that, “No manufacturer can allow a plant, facility, or distribution center to re-open with the needed precautions. That is a no-brainer for the large corporations, but with 90% of all North American manufacturers employing less than 500 people, it is remarkable that there is a highly cost-effective solution for even the smallest manufacturer.”  

The Evolving Enterprise is the new digital magazine bringing real-world applications for headline technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

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