A Radical New Fairy Tale that Changes the Story – “Nadira A Fairy Tale”

A Radical New Fairy Tale that Changes the Story - "Nadira A Fairy Tale"
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Atlanta, GA, USA – Fairy Tales of Color was created to, not only bring memorable stories to the hearts and minds of children, but to be inclusive in our storytelling and reflect the diversity that we see in our great nation. We deeply honor the traditional fairy tales of old, for they will be forever stamped upon our hearts and minds. However, Fairy Tales of Color believes it is time to introduce new and original tales that celebrates our differences, and brings them to the forefront. 

“Nadira A Fairy Tale” is the first fairy tale book released by Fairy Tales of Color Productions. Meet Nadira A beautiful and rambunctious girl from the Kingdom of Thasos is unusually strong, incredibly fast, and stubbornly courageous: which makes relationships somewhat of a challenge. Unexpectedly, she meets a handsome young man named Jai from another kingdom, and their hearts instantly connect. Relationships, however, can be deceiving. Nadira is unaware that Jai is a prince destined to wed, Princess Theodora, daughter of the wicked, Queen Xylena. When Prince Jai’s secret affection for Nadira is brought to Queen Xylena’s attention, she enlist the help of the Old Witch to rid the kingdom of this Spunky young threat. Dark secrets are uncovered, and the cast of evil spells take hold as Nadira takes a stance against the evil queen, and the Old Witch. A Stance that will, not only decide her fate, but could upend the future of the three kingdoms.

Alexandra Lane, Founder of Fairy Tales of Color Productions. There are instances in life where something you see, taste, or touch will have a lasting and profound effect on you. In that defining moment, you can either take the steps that lead to change, or just let that moment become another day. That was the experience of the founder of Fairy Tales of Color as she watched children of various races, ethnicities, and religions play together without noticing their differences. It presented a clear picture into the ever-changing culture of America. Fairy Tales of Color was established to bring that moment to the forefront.

Feel stories come alive with fairy tales that touches our hearts, soars in our imaginations, and strengthens our dreams. Experience different worlds, cultures, faces, and fall in love with characters that are just like you

About the Company:

With America’s landscape forever evolving, Fairy Tales of Color desires to tell stories that reflects the diversity in our nation. We want to expand our reach to all children, young and old, and allow them to imagine themselves in the stories we bring them. 

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