Transcending Monotony: Mark K. Olsen Helps Readers Open the Gate to Spiritual Experiences

San Dimas, CA, USA – Experienced teacher and author Mark K. Olsen’s book, The Layman’s Guide to Experiences in God-Realization is a gateway for people to tap into their spiritual self and start experiencing new things in life. The author speaks with courage and conviction, while sharing his personal accounts of spiritual experiences that led him to great revelations and answered his deepest questions. He shares his experiences of profound dreams, visions, out-of-body experiences, déjà vu and many other events that led him closer to the divine energy. Spirituality can be visceral, and the author wants his readers to feel it for themselves.

The Layman’s Guide aims to make spiritual awakening a possibility for everyone. It provides an ample number of tools and exercises for readers to enhance their focus and become vulnerable to God. It enables readers to revel in the spirituality that is their divine right and is present with them from birth; all they need is awareness of their higher self. Furthermore, Mark also shares vital spiritual principles so people can understand the values of spirituality and what it demands from them in return. Ultimately, this book will help people with contemplation, visualization, openness, interpretation of divine experiences and more. Readers will find themselves developing a greater understanding of their own innate self, thus helping them find and get rid of limiting blocks in life.

Throughout his life, Mark K. Olsen has been open to spiritual experiences and his connection with God and has done commendable work in interpreting his experiences and making the divine connection a tangible concept for people to understand. He has honed his ideas and now wants to share them with the world with his first ever book. Some of the key concepts revealed in his book include Self-realization, God-realization, the planes of heaven, the divine selves, soul, karma, reincarnation, ETs, and the spiritual conspiracy on Earth.

Olsen believes every person is a cell of God’s body, and feels they have lived their life asleep if they have not explored their spirituality and connection with their higher self. This book is a highly comprehensive resource for everyone, no matter where they come from or how they identify, to become one with their inner wisdom and open themselves up for a life full of meaningful experiences.

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