Temple border Kanchipuram Silk Sarees for Wedding Launched at Kanjivaram Silks

Temple border Kanchipuram Silk Sarees for Wedding Launched at Kanjivaram Silks

“Temple border kancheepuram silk saree in pastel colour”
Kanjivaram Silks launches temple border kanchipuram silk sarees for wedding and other auspicious functions and sold only through online due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Kanjivaram silks, an exclusive online store for kanchipuram silk sarees introduces the latest collections of temple border wedding silk collections available through their ecommerce platform. The store undertakes wedding silk saree customization and are designed as per the customer requirements.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the saree weaving is carried out at the homes of the weavers. Temple border silk sarees requires skilled craftsmanship and only experienced weaver can make these sarees. Usually temple border sarees comes in bright colours like red, maroon , rose. Kanjivaram silks introduces pastel colour temple border kanchipuram saris keeping in mind the current demand for pastel colour kanchipuram sarees and the silver zari for indian weddings.

Indians consider Kanchipuram as the ruler of silk due to its quality and wealth. Kanchipuram is portrayed as the glistening three-handle silk with gold (or silver) zari and substantial, differentiate fringes and pallu. The pallu is joined to the saree utilizing the Petni method. The rich surface of a Kancheepuram saree originates from its hand-woven with coloured silk yarn that is gotten from unadulterated mulberry silk. Kanchipuram wedding silk sarees are known for their brilliance, surface, sturdiness and completion. A Kancheepuram silk saris is one of the priciest fortunes of a design cherishing lady. In spite of the fact that it is somewhat costly, the rich silk saree is the ideal decision to have an illustrious effect. While the lovely saree looks very total in itself, picking the correct gems pieces to run with it can take the appeal to unheard of level.

Kanchi silk sarees are the best attire to wear for parties. Yes, you might not prefer it to wear to some causal parties, but they are the best attire to wear when it comes to attend a social gathering like a wedding party. Wedding parties and kanchipuram sarees go hand-in-hand. This beautiful 6 yards piece garment can accentuate your look a thousand times when worn in different styles and paired up with some beautiful accessories.

The belt style – wear a stunning belt on top of your kanchipuram saree

Who said sarees have to look all simple and you can’t do anything to make it look different? Add a beautiful belt or a kamarbandh this time. Just get ready, wear the saree as usual and toss it up with a diamond studded kamarbandh or a graceful belt. If you want to look completely different, then wear a halter neck blouse or an off-shoulder blouse. This will create the oomph factor for you. Wear it for the next wedding party.

The dhoti style – Try a different style

You might feel intimidated with the dhoti style, but trust us the final look will make you look drop-dead gorgeous. This is an out of the box and an offbeat look that you try for your next wedding party or any important family function. Skip the petticoat and wear a tight legging instead. This will help you to drape the kancheepuram saree for the perfect dhoti look. Here’s a step-by-step guide to wear the perfect dhoti saree.

Step 1: Wrap the kanchi saree around your waist and leave about 1 to 2 m of saree for the non-pallu side. Overlap both the ends of the saree. Secure the ends with a safety pin.

Step 2: Now, drape the pallu and make pleats which should be 2-3 inches apart from one another. Wrap it around the back. Bring the pallu to the front and attach it with the blouse with a pin. Ensure the pleats are in orders and neatly done.

Step 3: Take the lower half of the pallu and ensure that the pleats are neat and clean and wrap it around the waist. Bring it to the front. Take a pin and secure it.

Step 4: Take the remaining part from the left side and start draping the pleats, one-by-on to create the dhoti like look. Use another pin to secure the pleats.

Step 5: Take the pleats, bring it to the back and tuck it in between your legs. Ensure the pleats are clean and are in proper order.

Step 6: Now crease the last falling segment in the front section from the middle. Tuck it in the middle. Deal with the creases again and secure it with a pin.

Step 7: Secure the front wrap with the creases covering the hip and conveyed to the front. This will keep the wrap from opening while at the same time strolling and will keep the tidiness and clear perceivability of dhoti like wrap. Pursue these means to dhoti saree in a similar arrangement to accomplish the accurate look.

Neck Drape Style – Look your best

For this look, all you need to do is wrap the pallu gently around the neck, just like you wrap a scarf. Just ensure that the length of the pallu is long enough to wrap around the neck. Try wrapping the scarf in as many styles as possible to make sure that you are achieving the desired style.

The timeless Mumtaz style

How about embracing an old stylish look for the next party. The timeless Mumtaz style kanchipuram saree draping will make you look quintessential. Remember Mumtaz and her iconic look from the movie Ram Aur Shyaam? Yes, we are talking about her graceful saree draping style from that movie. It is not difficult to embrace that look and will make you look drop-dead gorgeous instantly. You can look at a YouTube video to wear it. Just type in Mumtaz style saree style and you will see a huge list of ladies teaching you how to style it.

The mermaid style – Look like a mermaid

For to get the perfect Mermaid style, all you need to work on is the lower half of the kancheepuram saree. Just pleat the lower half, it might look like it needs a lot of work, but in reality it doesn’t. You just need to tuck in some extra saree pleats for the lower half and you will acquire the perfect look.

The pant style – Have a pant style look for your kanchipuram saree

The pant style look is extremely easy to carry and wear. It gives you a chic look and people will notice your style no matter what. Let people ask you about this new chic style. It’s fun and wedding days are all about fun and play. So play with it.

The Butterfly Style – Super Easy to wear

If you want to look slimmer for a wedding day party and ensure that you look ultra-gorgeous, then embrace the butterfly style once. Wear the wedding silk saree as you wear normally and create some extra thin pleats for the pallu. Pin the pally to the shoulder and have the butterfly-style Kanchipuram silk sareelook ready.

The Lehenga Style look with the wedding silk saree

Who would have thought that your wedding silk saree could be worn as a lehenga? Doesn’t it sound interesting, well, the style is interesting. No need to spend thousands of rupees on your lehenga, just take out your favourite wedding silk saree and pleate the entire saree. Tuck it in and leave some fabric for the pallu. Follow a video to ace the look. Wear a graceful makeup and make a bun style hairdo to complete the look.

Front pallu style – Forget the regular style

The easiest way to create a different pallu look for your wedding saree is to bring in the pallu to the front. No need to carry the old left shoulder pallu style. Wear the wedding saree normally and bring in the pallu from the back to the right shoulder. No need to pleat it as well, but if you want to, then you may.

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