5 Reasons Why Watch Collectors adore Patek Philippe Timepieces

Patek Philippe is widely considered as the world’s most respected watch brand. So desirable are their timepieces that they effortlessly take over other watchmakers in attaining steady, record-setting rates at sales and auctions.

But what exactly makes it so attractive and desirable?

Patek Philippe is a timepiece that acts as a valuable asset to the core, though, this isn’t the sole reason why real watch collectors adore the brand.

Every watch collector understands that a Patek Philippe resting on the wrist entails a spectacular legacy, untold sophistication, flawless design, and true craftsmanship. Now, we’re offering you five great reasons for which collectors adore them – and why, although they are infamously difficult to obtain, they keep on coming back for more.

The Legacy and Provenance

Ever since 1839, the Patek Philippe watchmaking company has been around for nearly 180 years now and has initiated several pioneering advances that continue to be utilized in horology at the moment. Patek has been granted over one hundred patents for the inventions they have presented to the watchmaking world.

Models of these innovations go from the simple to the intricate ones, like the hand-winding timepiece to the more refined split-second chronograph and perpetual calendar. Every model adds to the testaments of the business to their commitment to horological experience and expertise.

The Exclusivity and Scarcity

Much of the endless mystery of the brand is set down to the scarcity and exclusivity of their timepieces produced every year, as well as the ensuing demand for every model. Ever since 1839, there were only less than one million Patek Philippe timepieces that have been produced. And that tells people so much about the time spent and the quality of production for every watch.

The brand’s manufacturing process is so comprehensive that it requires nine long months to create their very basic watches, and a massive two years to manufacture a few of the more complicated ones with multi-efficient complications.

The Exceptional Craftsmanship

The real splendor of a Patek’s craftsmanship dwells in its movements. Every single component is hand-finished, which may appear to be an extreme factor considering the fact that only a watchmaker can genuinely appreciate and realize its true worth. And still, even the lay fan can’t resist but be struck by its magnificence. 

The dial design is equally unprecedented. The faceted truncheons, the carefully-polished details, and the little say that characterize a Patek Philippe can go overlooked even by the individual who is wearing the timepiece. Yet, everything adds together to something that seems and feels great on the wrist.

The Undisputed DNA

The artistry, craftsmanship, and design sensible in a Patek Philippe is superior and incomparable. Its stunning cases and dials say it all: they may look pretty simple and straightforward in their overall implementation, but Patek gets no shortcuts.

Along with several other watchmakers, the cases are machine-finished, frequently at an outside shop. That’s not the case for Patek Philippe. For them, their cases are mainly created in-house and fashioned from substantial pieces of platinum and gold. Patek utilizes traditional case-making procedures that take you back to the 1800s.

To produce one of its cases, it requires distinct know-how that’s been handed down from generation to generation, in the same way as the timepieces themselves. That’s how it’s supposed to be. That’s the splendor of a Patek Philippe watch.

The Dream for Future

Even though Patek Philippe is equipped with such a legendary tradition, the production is under no obligation to its past. On the other hand, the watchmaker retains the ideals of the traditional touch of watchmaking while advancing significantly in the usage of new technologies, materials, and production methods.

The Final Why

It must come as no marvel that the beautiful world of mechanical timepieces is filled by collectors each bit as diverse and wide-ranging as the watchmakers on their own. Genuine enthusiasts tend to turn into devotees, drifting relentlessly to the direction of the only brand name with which they classify most. 

Patek Philippe investors are nothing like other timepiece collectors. They are not flashy at all; well, they don’t need to be. Why? That is because Patek Philippe’s simple classiness signifies confidence. To put it merely, Patek collectors are well aware that they possess the best in the heritage, design, and craftsmanship resting on their wrists. Once you have a Patek Philippe, nothing more will do.

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