How to Identify & Navigate TOXIC Relationships: Jill Hartzog’s “You Deserve More” Series

In ‘How to Identify & Navigate TOXIC Relationships,’ part of the You Deserve More series, Jill Hartzog shares how you can identify toxic relationship dynamics and give you to the tools to address these relationships in a meaningful way.

This new book in the series You Deserve More, How to Identify & Navigate TOXIC Relationships, is a comprehensive guide to assisting individuals in identifying and navigating the potentially toxic relationships in their lives. The author, Jill Hartzog, provides practical tools and information to assist you, no matter the type of relationship or what age you are. 

Jill Hartzog is a registered nurse with over 28 years of experience working in both Canada and the United States. She is the author of the You Deserve More series, which includes her first book: You Deserve More! How to Reinvent Yourself at Any Age. Her goal with this series is to inspire women to live their best lives. To give them the tools to discover and follow through with personal change goals, identify unhealthy relationships and make changes to reduce the toxicity in their lives – thereby improving overall health. 

“As a nurse, I have seen adult children struggling to balance the care for their parents with the care for their children. On top of that, changing health circumstances can have an impact on relationships. Even the relationship we have with ourselves can become toxic if neglected. My hope is that by reading this book, individuals will see some of the toxic elements in their lives that might be draining them and feel empowered to address it,” said Jill.

The techniques, tips, and tools that Jill shares throughout this book are ones that she has seen work in both her clinical and personal life. Jill shares stories and examples meant to inspire, but also help you gain a fresh perspective on long-term relationships. Plus, Jill explores the importance of self-care in terms of your own mental and physical health and well-being. She even tackles the reality of social media and how it can bring a negative and unhealthy element into our lives. Jill acknowledges that it is part of our world and gives real-world solutions to help you limit its impact on your relationships with your family and friends.

A unique addition to this second book is Jill also includes examples of toxic situations throughout the book – all based on real stories. These add-ons to her book provide context for the various types of toxic relationships discussed.

“I didn’t want to just tell people what to do, I wanted to give them practical ways to get there. When you are dealing with toxic dynamics, it’s not always easy to just change them. My hope is that people are inspired to take those first steps to create meaningful boundaries in their lives. As we evolve, it is important that we take steps to help our relationships evolve as well.”

Jill lives in Canada, where she continues to work in the medical field, helping patients and their families. Her desire is to embolden women to realize and actualize their own personal and professional goals. As a keynote speaker, Jill focuses on inspiring and empowering her audiences with what is possible and giving them the practical tools to get there. 

Jill is the author of the You Deserve More series, which includes How to Reinvent Yourself at Any Age and How to Identify & Navigate Toxic Relationships. If you are interested in having Jill speak at your next event or hosting a book signing, please contact her at Jill is also active on Facebook, LinkedIn and has a growing following on Instagram @jill_hartzog, where she consistently posts motivational tips and discusses various emotional and physical health topics.

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