New Release “Entrepreneur… Ship Happens” Hits Best Seller List on Amazon

New Release "Entrepreneur... Ship Happens" Hits Best Seller List on Amazon

Patrick Hebert‘s recent release, “Entrepreneur… Ship Happens” reached #1 in new releases on Amazon Website Analytics and Content Management categories, and so far has also reached the #4 and #7 best-seller author on those categories as well.

“Entrepreneur… Ship Happens” is a book created for entrepreneurs and was designed to help readers take a step back and take a 30,000 ft view of their goals in business. Though this book is a quick read, it covers a lot of different topics to help you get started and forge ahead in business. 

“Entrepreneur… Ship Happens” features 32 pages, filling a niche a lot of different topics to help you get unstuck and move forward in business. It explores the concept of how being your own boss can catapult your success in business and in life. With the help of Patrick Hebert’s expertise, the book navigates you through the challenges of entrepreneurship, as well as the benefits of having a coach/mentor.

This book explores different topics from Mindset – Content Management to Web Research to Analytics to Paid Advertising to Mentorship and more. With “Entrepreneur… Ship Happens,” the author hopes to fill a void in the entrepreneurship book genre. “I looked around at the other entrepreneurship books already out there, and I knew I could add something unique to the wide array of entrepreneurship choices with my book. There are very few books available that walk you through the real-life thought process of having a business and becoming successful as an entrepreneur in today’s era, and that makes my book unique,” said Patrick Hebert, the author of “Entrepreneur… Ship Happens.”

“I want to help entrepreneurs around the world change their mindset to be successful. In this book, I talked about the different ways people can change their way of thinking to start a business, make it grow, and make it last,” he added.

With over ten years as a Network Marketer, Patrick has acquired the prowess to coach individuals and teams to excellence and entrepreneurship. Patrick is a professional Business Strategist, and Coach specialized in helping entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Patrick can be found as a co-host on No More Mister Nice Guys podcast show, helping businesses grow their business with Optimize Leverage training or on SpecificTap helping PPC marketing campaigns. People interested in “Entrepreneur… Ship Happens” and seeking a book that has got it all: educating, inspiring, and of course, relaxing can order on Amazon.

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