Local Environmental Remediation Company Refines Asbestos Abatement Process

Local Environmental Remediation Company Refines Asbestos Abatement Process

Hayward, CA – Environmental Remedies, at https://environmentalremediesinc.com/, has refined its asbestos abatement process to protect its residential and commercial clients. Its fully licensed and insured asbestos abatement contractors complete every step of the removal process so properties stay safe for residents and guests alike.

The professionals at Environmental Remedies strive to simplify the asbestos removal process for its clients, as it can be emotionally and financially impactful for property owners. The team begins the abatement procedure once a certified inspector has recommended abatement for a particular building.

With this approval in hand, the company works diligently so that its clients can efficiently return to their daily routines. Its asbestos abatement contractors will first seal off the problem areas from the remaining property. This way, the untouched area of a property won’t fall victim to asbestos damage. Then, they will install air filtration devices to protect residents and guests from breathing in free-flowing contaminated dust.

With the proper equipment set up, the company will remove contaminated materials using methods like deconstruction, and demolition. All of these materials are placed in sealed containers and safely disposed of in appropriate landfills.

The company follows a diligent post-abatement process to preserve the health of residents and visitors. Its contractors will wipe down all contaminated areas and remove remaining dust using HEPA vacuums.

The post-abatement process also involves a final visual inspection and if desired, air testing to ensure the area is safe for human interaction. To guarantee unbiased results, Environmental Remedies refers its clients to certified testing firms in the Bay Area. This way, it avoids any potential conflicts of interest.

Environmental Remedies has built a solid reputation as a reliable and effective environmental remediation company. It has removed asbestos, lead, and other contaminants, from homes, government buildings, office buildings, and other types of properties throughout the Bay Area.

The company’s 16 years of experience in the industry has allowed it to develop efficient processes that contribute to human health and minimize disruptions in its clients’ lives. Those interested in learning more about asbestos removal in the Bay Area are encouraged to visit the  website today to learn more.

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