#Animal Crossing New Horizons# Turnips Trading Make Players Stressed

#Animal Crossing New Horizons# Turnips Trading Make Players Stressed

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The original intention of Nintendo’s development of Animal Crossing New Horizons is to create a quiet land for players to briefly escape the huge pressures in life, where players are not bound by various tasks, goals, or even KPI. Everyone is expected to play the game easily and comfortably, but when it is full of various types of players, something is slowly changing.

Once landing the island, the kind Tom Nook will give you a tent to live in, but this is not completely free, and after that, you need to make money to repay the loan. However, this game has always been described as stress-free and goal-free, so even if you are idle and penniless all day long, you can still live permanently on the island without being expelled by anyone.

Generally speaking, very few people are willing to endure penniless, because on the island, in order to get some necessary decorations to expand the house, you have to make money, also known as Animal Crossing Bells. For some high-efficiency players, this is quite simple, they even only need to spend a few hours to earn bells and repay a total of 98,000 bells mortgages. Therefore, if you don’t want to lag behind others in the game, you have to keep working to make money to meet your daily needs.

It’s hard to believe that such a simple trading method can exist in a simulation game until I met Animal Crossing New Horizons. Both novices and experienced players can make basic bells through similar methods, of which turnips trading is a process that every player must go through.

Turnips are like a medium or investment, and the best way to make ACNH Bells by using them is to sell at a high price the turnips you bought at a low price, which allows making enough profits, but because no one can accurately predict the daily price of turnips, it seems to be more like a kind of gambling, or the stock market. If you are careless, you’ll suffer huge losses, but there are still players who are glad about the trading method.

Usually, the first batch of turnips comes from an NPC in the game, Daisy Mae, and players can buy turnips from it every week at different prices, and then sell then within a week. Whether you can make profits depends on when you sell them and how much money you can make. In particular, turnip has a shelf life of only one week, if you can’t trade it for a limited time, they will become worthless and useless expect that they will attract flies and ants.

In order to make money, you have to trade turnips with others every week, because it determines the economy in the game. Therefore, in order to make rapid progress in it, some players are busy using turnips for bells all day and become stressed.

Gradually, more topics discussed in the game are how to make money quickly, how to use Animal Crossing Bells in exchange for profits, and how much the turnip can sell, but Nintendo’s original intention was actually to let players share their beautiful experience and interesting gameplay in the game. This has led to the influx of countless players not only for fun, but also keep themselves from old fashioned, and even looking forward to what they can get from the game, such as achievement, glory, or reputation.

Where there is demand, there will be a market. Therefore, when players have difficulty making bells in the game, they are eager to find paid channels to obtain game items and resources.

This is understandable that players want to improve the efficiency of the game to play better, but in fact, the rapid progress will make them ignore many interesting mitigations in the game, especially in Animal Crossing New Horizons, you can play all the time without any requirement for customs clearance tasks. If you really want to find a safe heaven through it, it is better to slow down your progress properly.

We don’t encourage you to be busy with tasks all day, but this doesn’t mean you have to do nothing, because you still have to repay the loan, expand your house, decorate the island, etc, all of which will use Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells.

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Also, you can buy Nook Miles Tickets here, another virtual currency in Animal Crossing New Horizons, giving you more chances to get bells.

Last not the least, hopefully you can understand the original intention of this game, and play it for fun.

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