Hankai’s LCD New Technology In-Cell & TDDI Brings A Richer Visual Experience

Shenzhen Hankai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., Located in Shenzhen, China, was established in 2012.The main products include mobile phone display screen, mobile phone OLED components, mobile phone digitizer, mobile phone LCD screen, mobile phone flexible cable, mobile phone back shell, mobile phone battery replacement, mobile phone maintenance tools, mobile phone LCD film applicator and other mobile phone maintenance parts and machines. Their products are exported to Europe and America, South America, Africa, Oceania, the Middle East, Asia and other countries. They have provided more than 15000 active customers with quality and valuable services in the world. Since its establishment, it has established strategic partnership with many well-known companies in the world and gained in-depth experience in ODM and OEM operations, In the mobile phone accessories industry, it has been successful and failed to baptism, and the experience gained from this road has been condensed into essence. In May 2020, a new in-cell series display screen, Plus 5 display screen, was launched. Based on in-cell technology, the mobile LCD screen is equipped with a new TDDI technology.





They truly achieves:

1. Super clear image quality, original display effect. In cell full fit panel has changed the structure of protective glass, touch layer and display layer of ordinary panel. With full fit technology, the added air layer in the process of fitting is reduced, so that the light transmittance is high, and the screen picture quality is clearer and more lifelike. With ESR high color gamut material, the color saturation is more vivid, and the effect is comparable to the original one, which opens a visual super clean feast for you.

2. Original structure and thickness, enjoy the ultimate experience quickly. In cell technology has changed the production process of the conventional screen. In cell technology has reduced the screen by one layer and correspondingly reduced the fitting times. The touch sensor is directly embedded in the display screen, reducing the touch screen, making the screen lighter and thinner, and completely restoring the original thickness and feel. In the test of IP 7g between Plus 5 in-cell and Apple’s original screen application spider, Plus 5 performs well, and its effect is no different from that of Apple’s original screen.

3. Precise touch and fast response. Plus 5 touch sensitivity is stronger than any TP on the market. The advantages of in cell technology application mainly lie in the coordinate deviation less than 1mm, the light transmittance of capacitor film greater than 90%, 4K high-definition image quality display, smooth operation and low delay, the fastest response time of 3MS, plus 20 touch points, so as to truly achieve high precision and low delay. TDDI technology is used to load the circuit on the LCD screen, which makes the LCD screen have the ability of traditional touch panel to sense touch input, and the touch feedback is faster. The full fit design also greatly improves touch accuracy, reaching the original apple IC specification at one touch.

4. High definition transparent screen, dustproof, waterproof and fingerprint proof. The LCD pixel is consistent with the original, and the integrated effect is exquisite and perfect. The multi-layer board technology is used for wiring arrangement, and the appearance effect is the same as the original one. The plate camera hole is plated with a hoop to increase the light transmittance and improve the imaging effect. IP68 waterproof and dust-proof, full fit technology, are isolated dust and water vapor, to create a thinner body.

5. Say goodbye to the angle limit, and have a super wide-angle experience. 140 degree wide viewing angle, farewell to the screen reflection, can clearly see the screen content at any angle. With the use of customized polarizers, the color picture is more gorgeous, and the black picture is more black, truly realizing 360 °full view experience.

6. The cover bracket matches the original height. Plus 5 in-cell screen is composed of cover plate, OCA, front polarizer, LCD + touch sensor, rear polarizer, backlight and bracket. The cover plate and bracket are the same as the original ones. The thickness of the original mobile phone is 7.17mm, and the thickness of the mobile phone using Plus 5 is only 7.16mm, which is lighter and thinner. There is no need to worry about the matching problem between the rear cover plate and the bracket when the screen is broken. After the cover plate and bracket of the assembly are damaged, the original cover plate and bracket can be replaced directly, which is efficient, convenient and quick.


With the continuous development and expansion of the company, They constantly seek to bring lower cost, higher quality and more satisfactory service level to the company’s customers. Normally, delivery is within 1-3 working days after payment confirmation (except Weekends and holidays). 12 months before installation. If there are any quality problems, please report all details to us as soon as possible. They will provide comprehensive and detailed after-sales service.


They have more than 7 years of experience in the production of Mobile LCD. They have a professional team of engineers who can control the defect rate of less than 1%. Each LCD is tested before it leaves the factory. Hankai electronic technology has its own exclusive factory and its own LCD lamination production line. It cooperates with other factories to produce different types of LCD, batteries, maintenance accessories and tools, which can meet clients’ maintenance needs to the maximum extent.


They can assure the company’s customers that any number of products have superior performance, efficient delivery efficiency and competitive price compared with other products on the market.


As They all know, They are in a fast-paced era, They want to do everything faster. Hankai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. hopes to continue to provide users with a more pleasant experience on the basis of pursuing higher and faster. On the basis of traditional technology, both LCD screens and other mobile phone accessories have been continuously innovated and developed, with thinner screens, faster touch response, higher light transmittance, and seamless connection with original products. These are the strict company concepts of Hankai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. They will deepen the concept of innovation and deepen technological reform. Based on the detailed products such as mobile phone screen and mobile phone accessories, it really contributes to the social development, promotes the rapid and efficient development of modern informatization, and creates a unique technology and product with the concept of Hankai electronic technology. The future is an endless road. Hankai electronic technology will continue to move forward in the future.

Shenzhen Hankai electronic technology is always ready to meet the challenges and opportunities. They will serve the company’s customers wholeheartedly. They welcome you to contact us for common development and win-win. If you have any idea, please feel free to contact us.

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