Swiss Thai Water Solution’s Latest Product, the ‘Pyramid Air Protect’ Proving to Be a Massive Success since Its Launch

The air treatment solution which has been helping in this coronavirus ravaged period, is 100% effective on surfaces and every corner, leaves no toxic residue around, is very fast, and fully automated

Chiang Mai, Thailand – May 29, 2020 – Since Thailand based company, Swiss Thai Water Solution Co. LTD introduced one of their numerous treatment systems, Pyramid Air Protect into the market, the firm has seen an unprecedented increase in sales. And, it is easy to see why?

In this COVID-19 pandemic period, Pyramid Air Protect has proven to be the best, and most effective treatment against microorganisms. It is easy to administer, treats surfaces, corners and air against microorganisms with a 100% success rate, leaves no toxic residue, is fast, and fully automated. Because Pyramid Air Protect has the ozone boost automated mode, and ozone being a powerful oxidant with a very fast nefast effect on viruses, it has powerful capacity on destruction of the COVID-19. As a result, the Pyramid Air Protect has proven particularly useful for the treatment of surfaces where virus can stay active for many hours.

Pyramid Air Protect comes in two operating modes; the normal and ozone shock modes. With the normal mode, treatment is by powerful UV and ion generator, rooms can be occupied during usage, while during the ozone shock mode, rooms have to be empty during usage as the ozone generated require between 30 to 60 minutes to diffuse. Both modes can be programmable and managed on distance do not require any personnel to operate, eliminate bacteria and viruses in the air, and on surfaces, and are very economical. Generally, the Pyramid Air Project also eliminates most of the odor in an environment when administered, and does not leave a chemical product after treatment.

Like any oxidant products, the deployment of this product requires precautions. For more information, go online to

About Swiss Thai Water Solution Co., LTD

Swiss Thai Water Solution Co., LTD is a Switzerland company based in Thailand that specializes in the production of water vending machines, water treatment systems, and UV sterilizer and ozone generators.

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