‘The Little Sparrow’ by Dee Ann Cunningham Makes Children Grasp the Presence and Healing Power of God

‘The Little Sparrow’ by Dee Ann Cunningham Makes Children Grasp the Presence and Healing Power of God

God loves us, no matter what. This simple, yet powerful message is driven home by author Dee Ann Cunningham in her recently published children’s book, The Little Sparrow. The work, written while the author was overcoming her own personal challenges, teaches young, little children to never lose hope, and place their trust in Him, for His eyes are always over everyone.

‘The Little Sparrow’ is a cute little story about a little sparrow, who is out looking around the nest when a distraction makes him accidentally fall out. The sparrow gets rescued later, reminding the reader about the omnipotent God who always comes to the rescue.

This story speaks to everyone. It’s not just about a bird, but how no matter what happens in life, no matter how far we think we have fallen or messed up, God is always there for us, and always able to reach us,” says Dee Ann Cunningham. 

‘The Little Sparrow’ will be of great interest to small children (between ages 3-5), who are beginning to understand the big concept of God. The practical life story demonstrated through a little bird will resonate in their mind for a long time. The story also takes on relevance amid the Covid pandemic, when the entire world is praying and hoping for the good times to return.

The writing of ‘The Little Sparrow’ is of personal importance for Dee Ann, as she wrote it when her husband was alive. The story was written with his support and behest. After losing her husband, Dee Ann went through a period of turmoil and hardship, only to come out of those times with God’s love and strength.

At the end of the book, my son was drawn kneeling by the bed and praying in his room. Children need to know they have a safe place they can go to, and that place is Jesus Christ. Maybe reading this book every night before bed will give them the peace they need and help them to know who they can turn to,” says Dee Ann.

The Little Sparrow’ is available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions.


Author Dee Ann Cunningham realized her passion for teaching small children about Jesus when she started helping in children’s ministry. Her own son, Nathan, would still have some questions about the lesson. Realizing he may not be the only one, she wanted to help children understand God and the things that he does in a story using everyday life situations. She really has a passion for children to know who Jesus is and why he loves them.

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