Alert 360 Austin Recognizes Home and Business Security Success Stories

Alert 360 Austin Recognizes Home and Business Security Success Stories
Award-winning security services save lives, property with alarm monitoring

Alert 360 Austin Home Security, one of the top home and business security companies in the Austin, Texas area, shares the company’s top monthly, monitored security success stories. In Austin and nationally, Alert 360 provides consultations, installation and service of its security systems – all backed by its 24/7, U.S.-based alarm monitoring center.

Alert 360 has been recognized for its award-winning security systems for both homes and businesses. The company has earned Five Diamond Monitoring Center designation from The Monitoring Association for excellence in alarm monitoring for security systems and automation devices.

This month, Alert 360 highlights the following success stories based on actual customer experiences:

  • An Alert 360 customer received a burglary alarm from a master bedroom glass break sensor, and the Alert 360 monitoring center contacted the customer. Within seconds, local police were dispatched. Additional glass break alarm notifications were received from various locations inside the residence. During a follow-up call, the customer confirmed three suspects had entered their home while they were away. All suspects were apprehended. 
  • A motion alarm was received from a commercial premise, which should have been empty at the time of the alarm. The Alert 360 monitoring center contacted the customer, and local police were dispatched. The police captured the suspect in the act. The customer reported police were able to recover all stolen items. 
  • After receiving a medical alarm, the Alert 360 monitoring center was unable to reach anyone at the home or on the customer’s contact list. As a precaution, emergency personnel were dispatched to assist. The customer later shared with Alert 360 she had fallen, hit her head and was unable to feel her arm. Emergency professionals were able to help her up and ensure she was safe.  
  • Alert 360 received a glass break signal from a business customer and dispatched police. During a follow-up call with the customer, they reported someone had shattered their glass door, but no further damage or theft was reported. 
  • A residential fire alarm signal was received by the Alert 360 monitoring center. A call was placed to the customer who indicated they had fallen asleep and left the stove on, triggering the alarm. The home had filled with smoke, but Alert 360’s response led the homeowner to safety and prevented damage to the home.   
  • Alert 360 received a silent panic alarm from a business and dispatched police. During a follow-up call with the business, they confirmed the alarm was activated when a customer was found stealing from the store. The culprit was apprehended, and all items were retrieved with no losses reported.

“Every hour of every day, our monitored alarms, medical pendants, security cameras and monitoring center prevent theft, capture criminals, save lives or alert to emergencies,” said Kent Morris, Alert 360’s vice president of customer experience. “In these cases, and many others, we are thrilled to have made a difference in our customers’ lives. At Alert 360, we’re proud of our industry-leading alarm response time, ensuring we assist customers in a timely manner and help save lives, property and valuables. While these are just a few of the success stories we’re sharing this month, these highlight the value behind our services and the important work of our talented team.”

In Alert 360 Austin Home Security and across the country, Alert 360 provides home and business security cameras and video; smoke alarms; carbon monoxide detectors; medical pendants, glass break and motion sensors; water detection devices; a mobile app; keyless entry; smart thermostats; remote garage door control; smart lighting; live video footage; recorded clips; indoor and outdoor cameras; doorbell cameras and more. Alert 360’s certified security technicians also offer integration of smart home devices, such as sprinkler systems, sound systems, Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Alert 360 continues to offer critical lifesaving security services amid COVID-19 concerns, with Limited-Touch service and installation. Find a local Alert 360 home and business security service location here.

About Alert 360

Founded in 1973, Alert 360 is one of the nation’s oldest-licensed alarm monitoring providers. Today, the company is the fourth largest provider of monitored home security and home automation solutions in the United States. The company has been named an Inc. 5000 “Fastest-Growing Privately Held Company in America,” a “Best Home Security Provider,” and a “Best Places to Work.”

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