Tony Levy Set to Add to His Fleet of Ferraris

Successful entrepreneur, Tony Levy, looking to add another Ferrari to his illustrious fleet

Tony Levy is an unapologetic lover of fast cars and has is not looking to stop in the acquisition of his cherished assets. Over the years, Tony has been spotted driving his super-fast cars, including Ferrari and Lamborghini. He has also been seen on some of the most sought-after race courses in the world and is looking to add to his amazing fleet of fast cars. Tony is an official Ferrari ambassador in Israel, a feat that only a few can boast of across the globe. His obvious love for the Ferrari helped him to gain the attention of automobile giants worldwide and Ferrari seemed to be the quickest to get the signature of the multimillionaire businessman.

The world seemingly knows about Tony Levy, his businesses, and love for cars. However, not too many people can relate with his strive as he tried to build his business. Tony’s remarkable story to wealth and affluence will inspire any individual, regardless of the age, gender, or location to greatness in whatever venture. Arriving in Japan with $700, Tony had one major goal in mind – becoming financial free. This goal fueled his passion and activities through the two decades of hard work he put into building several businesses and growing his wealth.

With a net worth estimated to be between 20 and $30+million, Tony Levy currently lives the kind of lifestyle that many people fantasize about and only a can imagine. After the demise of his father, Tony took his first trip abroad in pursuit of greener pastures in Japan. Thanks to his determination to succeed and persistence, Tony defied all odds to become a major business figure in Japan and eventually his home country, Israel.

Tony opened his first shop in 2001 in Nagasaki, renovated the shop himself due to his tight budget and designed the shop. His achievements with running the shop helped him to gain the trust of his customers, which helped him to grow, owning up to 3 shops at 2002. His shops were stock with products from big brands and in 2003, he started to get more credit from financial institutions.

Tony’s business began to expand, growing his shops to 40 shops in 2007, when he also acquired his first of his may Ferraris. From the global financial crisis to the Fukushima earthquake that devastated Japan, Tokyo has faced and won battles that would ordinarily have collapsed an average business person. Tony also had to deal with doubts and name-calling from his friends and loved ones concerning his choice of investments. However, these seemingly motivated him to do more, which could be in a bid to prove his doubters wrong.

Some of the achievements that established Tony Levy as a major business figure in Japan include investing in Laline and growing it across Asia, cashing out of the investment after receiving a mouthwatering offer from another investor, Bless Japan, Bless Taiwan, and MS Collection Japan, a business he acquired after 15 years of working in the factory.

Described as the most successful Israeli businessman in Japan, Tony Levy dedicated two decades of his life to pursuing his goal of financial independence. Thanks to his principles of sacrifice, persistence, self-awareness, and a focus on the goal, Tony retired at the age of 42 and currently lives for the present.

Throughout his career Tony Levy owned several cars in Israel, including Ferrari superfast 812, Ferrari Portofino, Abarth for daily use, Ordering Pista Spider and FS90. He also acquired an amazing fleet in Japan, with cars such as the Mercedes G Class AMG, Lamborghini huracan Spyder, Lamborghini Aventador svj, Lamborghini Urus, Rolls Royce Dawn, and Bentley Continental GT. Tony is also looking to acquire the new Ferrari Rome.

In addition to being a prominent businessman, Tony Levy is also known as a philanthropic, giving back to the society through several fronts and he is not looking to stop anytime soon.

Tony’s sleepless nights have paid off immensely and one can hardly fault his several acquisitions and relatively flamboyant lifestyle.

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