Australian EAORON Invests Heavily in Occupying “Sky-high Billboard” of Sydney Airport

Occupying Sydney’s “most expensive billboard”, Australian EAORON Shows strength of big brand again. Recently, the reporter found out that shortly after the lifting of the ban in Australia, the outdoor billboard in Sydney Airport, a symbol of Australia’s economic wind vane, was quickly occupied by EAORON, an Australian first-line beauty brand, and all of its top-selling products were on the list of advertising, such as hydro lifting needle, hydro lifting mask and bee venom mask, becoming the most eye-catching scenery line in Australia. Industry insiders said that with the rise of skin care brands in local Australia in recent years, the skin care industry represented by EAORON has not only become the bellwether of the Australian economy, but also the leader of the economic recovery.

According to information, the outdoor advertising billboard of Sydney Airport is Australia’s core golden advertising space, as well the scarce resource with high prices. The brands that can advertise on the outdoor billboards of Sydney Airport are all influential star enterprises in Australia. Australian health care giants Swisse, Blackmores and Chemist Warehouse, Australia’s largest chain pharmacy, have all appeared on these sky-high outdoor billboards.

Recently, the reporter saw at the Australian Airport that almost all the golden advertising spaces near the airport were screened by EAORON, becoming the most attractive scenery line in Australia.

Matt, an Australian business investigator, told reporters that after experiencing the baptism of the novel coronavirus, EAORON was the first local brand to appear on the advertising space of the Airport. “The skin care industry has become Australia’s economic leader and the main force of economic recovery after the epidemic.” Matt said that in recent years, the development momentum of Australia’s local skin care brands represented by EAORON has advanced rapidly, bringing new vitality to the Australian economy and forming a “beautiful economy” with Australian characteristics. In the downturn of economic recovery after the epidemic, the skin care industry has shown extraordinary vitality and development potential, becoming an emerging power that cannot be ignored in boosting Australia’s economic recovery.

“We have made investigation and statistics on the consumption data of various commodities in pharmacies, supermarkets and airport duty-free shops after the reopening. In terms of consumption frequency and amount, skin care products rank third only to food, daily necessities and other necessities.” Matt said. EAORON had an absolute pioneering advantages in skin care brands, occupying the first place in consumption frequency and amount.

“We have invested 1.25 million Australian Dollars and displayed in Chinese EAORON’s world-first top-selling products such as smear-type hydrating needle, hydrating mask, bee venom mask and plain cream.” The principal of the EAORON brand said that the advertising space is a channel to convey information to consumers. And the reason why EAORON invested heavily in advertising space is not only to expand brand awareness, but also to express goodwill to Chinese consumers who support EAORON products and use excellent public reputation to open up a huge market for EAORON.

Jane lu, a senior “fan” who was engaged in travel service between China and Australia, sighed after seeing EAORON’s billboard at the Airport recently that the outdoor advertising space at Sydney Airport is a “barometer” of Australia’s economy, and her favorite brand can appear on it, she really felt “very surprised and proud”. She happily shared that she has been using skin care products of EAORON for more than 2 years, particularly the smear-type hydrating needle, and she will not use injected hydrating needle after using the smear-type hydrating for the first time. It is very convenient to use, only need to spend a few minutes at home every day to smear on the face, I could gain obvious effects of moisturizing, removing wrinkle, whitening and brightening my skin, and the important thing is no need to inject, which is safer.

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