Ukrainian Jew Artiste Margarita Releases New Song, ‘I Love Mukbang’

A song based on popular YouTube trend, Mukbang and ASMR

Jun 15, 2020 – Sensational songwriter, engineer, and producer, Margarita is proud to announce the release of her latest song titled ‘I Love Mukbang’. ‘I Love Mukbang’ is based on an ongoing YouTube trend, Mukbang, and ASMR.

Mukbang and ASMR have been doing the rounds on YouTube for a while now, with Mukbang all about eating on YouTube, and ASMR about whispering on YouTube. Margarita throws her support to Mukbang-eating lovers with this classic jam, encouraging everyone that enjoys cramming huge amounts of food into a petite body.

In her words, “We live in the world bombarded with quick gratification and it is difficult to practice self-restraint and self-discipline instead of complete indulgence and giving in. However, afterward, it feels even more empty – the food indulgence or shopping, or listening to psychics who will tell you it will be ok is not really leading you where you really want to be”

“Yes I love Mukbang and food and overeating but I want to be beautiful and skinny too. It’s a complete contradiction. I hope this song resonates with Mukbang lovers. I have struggled with food addiction all my life. When I am sad or lonely I overeat. I used to be an anorexic as well, so I know how it feels”, she continued.

Pacesetters of the Mukbang and ASMR videos include celebrities such as Banzz (one of the pioneers and creators), Dorothy, Yuka Kinoshita, MommyTang, Keemi, Stephanie Soo, and Steven Sushi.

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About Margarita

Margarita is a songwriter, producer/engineer from Ukraine based in New York. She lives with her daughter. In 2001, her song ‘Tragedy’ won the John Lennon Songwriting Award.

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