Leading Real Estate Agency in San Francisco Shares Insights On The Real Estate Market During And After Pandemic

The Coronavirus pandemic forced many changes for people across the U.S. and the rest of the world. People are using much better personal hygiene techniques and maintaining further distances between one another.

Danielle Lazier and the rest of her realtors around San Francisco have noticed a change in the real estate market. Listing inventory is drastically reduced from the typically busy Spring market. However, the current mortgage rates have people keenly interested in finding a new home and many are finding out during quarantine that their current home is not what they want and need. Starter homes, larger homes and retirement homes are all moving well.

As we come out of the Great Lockdown, buyers and sellers may have different perspectives on the market. Sellers may feel their home value has not changed and buyers may want a discount for buying during uncertain times. The outcome will be hyper-localized across neighborhoods and types of homes.

The availability of high speed Internet around San Francisco means potential home buyers can find plenty of options online at various real estate websites. Lazier’s website, for example, features some of the most dynamic and new functions available on websites.

Daniellelazier.com has plenty of tips and suggestions for buying and selling homes. Her worksheets help clients find the perfect home before starting to look in person. This cuts down on the necessity of being in public and carefully follows the precautions set by the San Francisco local code enforcement. Any one of the real estate listing agent in San Francisco, CA, working for Danielle Lazier have plenty of homes that will meet the specific requirements of each client.

“We are the best real estate agency in San Francisco when it comes to meeting specific needs.  My Realtors and I look at all of the demographics around the homes we are posting on the market and can match the specific needs to the specific client. Our 105 million dollar sales in the previous year gives potential clients a solid idea of what they can expect,” said Lazier.

Learn more about the options available at the website. Visit http://daniellelazier.com.

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