Successful Fundraising and Branding Takes Drive and Dedication – Ashley Bernon

Successful fundraising, especially for non-profits requires an individual with the spirit, drive, and knowledge to establish credibility and acquire the necessary fundraising monies needed to keep the non-profit flourishing.  Having the correct person at the helm or on the team of any fundraising endeavor is imperative, and Ashley Bernon, owner and founder of A. B. Productions strives for total immersion and assistance in all her many fundraising and other endeavors.  With a degree in Business Management and Marketing, plus years upon years in branding and fundraising experience, her vast knowledge does make her a superior choice for both branding and fundraising endeavors. 

Success in endeavors for non-profits and other types of branding takes awareness of an area.

Ashley was born in Louisiana but moved to Massachusetts to pursue her education and career.  She now brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to non-profits in Boston and Nantucket, Massachusetts, New Orleans, Louisiana, and Palm Beach Florida.  Her ability to assess branding and awareness needs has led to the opening now of A. B. Productions, and her ability to offer her services to the aforementioned areas.

Experience in many fields of fundraising and branding is imperative. 

Ashley’s composite list of non-profit ventures has included children’s hospitals, healthcare institutions, urban renewal projects, and even patient support programs such as the Ellie Fund, which does hold galas and gatherings in Massachusetts in support of breast cancer awareness.  The Rogerson Communities, also in Massachusetts is very aware of Ashley’s strength in branding and non-profit fundraising and this incredible Senior Housing complex has also benefitted from her efforts. 

Knowing how to establish bonds within a community and bring support is paramount.

Even in private endeavors, such as involvement with media groups to establish branding for them, as well as the support needed for the non-profits the ability to bond seamlessly and knowledgeably with any community is a necessary requirement for success.  Add to that the ability to work within a committee, such as Ashley does while assisting Berkshire Hills Music Academy, also in Massachusetts, through her efforts, and a consultant such as Ashley is a welcome addition to any team.  Berkshire Hills provides post-secondary disabled adults with skills accrued through musical involvement to essentially assist in navigating real life challenges and endeavors in our fast-paced society. 

The ability to work as a team with others as well as keep up with trends is a good indicator of success.

Make no mistake.  Non-profit fundraising and any type of branding is serious business and is not conducted “in a vacuum”.  There are numerous factors and trends, within fundraising and branding.  There also might be a great many team members and committees within which a successful consultant must work.  Only a consultant with a calm, collected, yet driven demeanor will lead to successful non-profit fundraising and branding efforts.  There is no other way to achieve the success and awareness needed for both private and public awareness of any entity, even nonprofits, without sufficient and succinct branding.  A serious, seasoned consultant is always a good addition.

About Ashley Bernon and A. B. Productions

Ashley has been a serious branding and awareness coordinator for almost twenty years for both non-profits and media entities.  Holding a degree in Business Management and Marketing, her drive and ambition did lead to the opening now of her own firm, A. B. Productions, and she is expanding her own area reach beyond the original geographic area of Boston and Nantucket, Massachusetts to include Palm Beach, Florida, and New Orleans, Louisiana.  Ashley is easy to reach via phone, email and through her website which contains an online form. 

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