The Backcountry Kitchen Rebrands as Colorado Sundays with New Site Launch

Colorado, USA – Colorado Sundays is pleased to announce its official rebrand and site launch at After branching out from their camping recipe roots, the site is now aiming to become a one-stop resource for Colorado, including adventures, DIY projects, camping, hiking, and more.

The blog, previously known as The Backcountry Kitchen, started in April 2019 as a community where readers could find recipes for homestyle cooking. However, the site has evolved past the point of recipe sharing and is now a full-blown lifestyle blog. Colorado Sundays still offer its much-loved camping recipes, but the only difference is that there are now many more categories outside of cooking to enjoy.

The blog is a helpful resource for both locals and visitors from near and far, hoping to make the most of the sunny state. The site has a robust community of go-getters on the hunt for fun new adventures to embark on around Colorado.

When partaking in outdoor activities in new or unfamiliar places, such as hiking or backpacking, experts advise following guides made by people who have already explored the areas. These guides, along with delicious camping recipes and plenty of fun projects, are what Colorado Sundays offers.

The site operates out of Fort Collins, and the posts come from local adventurers. This focus ensures readers can trust the information comes from people who know the state. They can recommend gear and tips for the state’s erratic weather patterns, its wildlife, various terrains, and more.

Although Fort Collins is where the blog has its roots, its activities reach far across the state of Colorado and even beyond. Rebecca, the primary writer, regularly shares her favorite activities and recipes for fun-filled, adventurous weekends.

The site is for backpackers, hikers, campers, adventurers, camping recipe lovers, and anyone else looking for fun ways to spend their time while in Colorado. Readers can join the community whether the state is their home, a home away from home, or a new destination entirely.

To learn more about Colorado Sundays, visit its new website. The community is eager to invite more people interested in the mountain lifestyle.

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