Health and Fitness coach Naor Yazdan shows the way, where motivation meets with fitness

Hailing from Israel, he is a fashion model, fitness trainer, and coach whose aim is to stay fit and motivate others with his personalized training to get a better and healthier life.

Israel – The health and fitness industry has become a vast field that offers a different range of services and facilities. But an expert training with professional years of experience and optimal knowledge is what makes a real difference.

Naor Yazdan, a fashion model and fitness mentor proved that it’s important to invest in the body today to see better results tomorrow. The fitness enthusiast has been mentoring for 9 years and shares his know-how with others and helps to reach their health goals. Coupled with customized diet and workout plans with 24×7 online support the trainer is dedicated to his client to keep them motivated and well informed for their nutritional and workout requirements.

Optimal training and food habits are the key factors that dictate a person’s look. Naor shares,” I grew up as a thin kid, when I first started working out at the age of 20 as part of my army serving, I weighed no more than 55KG. My dream was to get big, have a huge full chest with wide shoulders and big arms, get all the girls, and all the attention. I was inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the best classic bodybuilders of all time.”

His approach to achieving a classic and aesthetic body, right in proportion, had led him in too many online programs, gyms, training from fine bodybuilders, and the list goes on and on. But nothing got him closer an inch to his desired results. 

While sharing his fitness journey, he stated ”I understand I will need more than that, more than just going to the gym, eating food and listening to random people on the web! I need to take it to the next level! Therefore, I started reading books and articles… studying and taking better courses… learning, talking, watching, listening… All I can to achieve my goals as fast as possible.”

Hard work pays well when approached in the right direction. With loads of dedication and research, the fitness freak has turned into the fitness expert shaping many lives and bodies with a vision to improve the quality of life.

The fitness coach, on his Instagram and WhatsApp, is keeping many interactive live sessions with his followers and he even shares informative content about health and fitness. Naor Yazdan, in the last few years, has earned a lot of accolades and recognition. 

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