Bestselling Author C.J. Heigelmann Announces Release of New Hit Novel, Crooked Fences

15 June, 2020 – Lexington, SC – C.J. Heigelmann, a bestselling emerging fiction book author, has announced the release of Crooked Fences. Focusing on racial, cultural, and social diversity, Crooked Fences explores the issues of racism, homophobia, and post-traumatic stress disorder inside the mind of a potential police recruit and returning war veteran. 

Eloquently told by Heigelmann, vivid details bring the fictionalized experiences of United States Marine Todd Goodson to life. In this fiercely honest and compelling 254-page novel, readers experience Todd’s highs and lows, including life-changing events as seen through his own eyes as he comes to grips with himself, his family, and the community around him. This includes the deep-seated racism and homophobia instilled in him by his father.

A realistic tale that strikes at the experiences of people around the world, Todd finds himself returning home from war to pursue his dreams in law enforcement. The survivor of a violent wartime ambush, Todd struggles with a deep sense of guilt and worries that his prejudiced comments ultimately led his team astray. Battling relentless post-traumatic stress disorder and rising tensions with his girlfriend, Todd finds himself escaping his troubles by fleeing New York for Tennessee, where he connects with an injured war buddy and eventually taking a temporary job managing a troubled low-income housing community in Nashville.

In this emotional story, see how Todd tries to find his way in a profoundly challenging world. While internally battling the effects of PTSD, depression, and prejudice, Todd finds himself also facing the challenges of a new job and unexpected friends, including his ongoing battle against the deep-seated racism and homophobia that slowly overwhelms his mind. Can Todd serve and protect the public equally without prejudice? Readers may be amazed at the outcome.

“The brilliantly woven canvas upon which C.J. tells his story is heartbreaking and triumphant in the same breath,” remarked Terrie M. Scott, an editor for over 30 years and a decorated United States Army veteran and an author herself. “Driven to tears one moment and crying out in joy the next, the reader will be forever touched by this eloquent story of love and survival amidst one of the darkest chapters in our nation’s history.”

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About C.J. Heigelmann

C.J. Heigelmann is a writer and multi-genre novelist of Contemporary, Literary, and Historical fiction. Fluently expressing his work with a primary focus on perspective and realism, C.J. Heigelmann’s style is marked by cultural inclusion and social diversity. Born a bi-racial child from parents of both African American and Caucasian ethnicity in the late ’60s, C.J. Heigelmann experienced prejudice and bigotry at an early age from members of both the Caucasian and the African American community during the aftermath of the modern American Civil Rights movement. Learning to navigate the changing fabric of race relations as he moved regionally within the United States, C.J. Heigelmann experienced the different nuances of racial interconnection and societal class ideologies from California to Connecticut, the Deep South, and during his military service in the United States Air Force, which Heigelmann uses to enlighten the reader’s perspective on one’s self, the human family, and the world in which we live.

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