16 Years Old: Brand Owner & Stock Analyst. Who is Hussam Alzahrani?

16 Years Old: Brand Owner & Stock Analyst. Who is Hussam Alzahrani?

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Hussam started taking interest in business at a very young age. He was only eleven when he was selling ice creams. Later, he sold PlayStation accessories and earned a steady stream of profits. This earned his parents’ trust and unwavering support, which helped and motivated him.     

His business proclivities ultimately landed him in the world of stock markets. Hussam was already intrigued with the workings of these financial behemoths. Initially, Hussam experimented a lot in buying diverse shares from a host of companies. Ultimately, he learned the technical analysis of stock markets. He also started courses to teach others this method of market analysis. Hussam has had considerable success in doing so as he earning handsome sums from the courses. 

His business aspirations found new heights when he launched his own clothing brand, named Eager, back in 2019. Based primarily in Saudi Arabia, this brand intends to be a trend setter in global fashion industry. At the heart of this brand lies its high quality and affordability. Eager provides customers with the finest cotton cloths, which are not only affordable but also high quality and luxurious. The brand provides clothing, both in printing and embroidery, to every age group; be it children, young or old.

Despite being new in the market, Eager has received very positive feedback from local industry. Behind this stellar success of Eager, is effective media marketing spearheaded by his partner, Anas al-Halwani. Digital marketing and management involve agile and most effective digital strategies. At Eager, the team is focused on long term goals like establishing brand name and ensuring absolute customer satisfaction. They are constantly updating our inventories to stay updated with changing fashion trends. They take customer feedback very seriously, as it enables them to deeply understand the dynamic requirements of customers. Further, by virtue of an effective digital strategy, they have a very ambitious future planned for Eager. Going forward, Eager will emerge as one of the top brands in Saudi Arabia; it will also compete globally.   

Along with establishing a world class clothing brand, Hussam has plans to get a higher education. Hussam plan to get a doctorate degree in Artificial Intelligence. He has set this ambitious target keeping in mind his quick learning abilities. He was very studious in school and secured first division, with 99.8% in high school. Moreover, his choice for a degree in A.I. is also premised on practical considerations. Future economies are posed to embrace A.I. technologies and those without requisite skills will not stand a chance in upcoming phase of digital age. In similar vein, stock markets are also using A.I. programs to predict erratic market behaviors.  

Much is bound to change in Saudi Arabia as well. This much is clearly manifested in the Saudi Vision 2030. The kingdom intends to fully modernize and utilize the emerging technologies of the future. Therefore, parents should allow their children to pursue new fields instead of conventional ones. Children nowadays extensively use digital gadgets and this could be a stepping stone for their future in digital technologies.  

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