Parent Advice Site Provides Top Tips on Tackling Acid Reflux in Babies

Mom and baby advice site MumeeMagic have revealed their top five tips for finding a baby bottle that helps with acid reflux.

Mom and baby advice site MumeeMagic have revealed their top five tips for finding a baby bottle that helps with acid reflux. The review blog was set up by mother of two Sandy Harrison to help new moms and dads navigate their way through different aspects of becoming a parent – from tips and advice to product recommendations.

Sandy said: “Acid reflux can be so scary and upsetting for new parents, but something as simple as changing the baby’s bottle can really help to make a difference. Having the right bottle can help a baby feed better, take in less air and improve their acid reflux symptoms. We have pulled together some tips on what to look for when choosing a new bottle to help with acid reflux.”

1. Consider the design of the bottle

Bottles that are angled in design can help to keep the baby sitting more upright and stop the air from getting in. But some companies have used a more traditional shape and inserted vents at the bottom. Others have used wider designs to allow a better flow of milk.

2. What about vented bottles?

The vents stop the air bubbles from getting into the bottle in the first place and can work well, but Sandy warned that the bottles must be set up correctly otherwise they would leak.

3. What type of nipple should be on the bottle?

Getting the right nipple for a bottle could be a work in progress for new mums as Sandy said different designs worked better for different babies. Silicon versions shaped like the real things were usually the most successful. If they are comfortable feeding, then they are less likely to gulp in air when they are latched on.

4. The right flow is key for acid reflux

Fast flow nipples on bottles give babies a steadier flow of milk, but some parents worry that this could be overwhelming for a young baby and possibly prone to leaking. A slower flow was usually preferred for younger infants, but these nipples might let air in. Sandy said that this was something that mothers will have to experiment with or consider a variable flow nipple. 

5. They have to be easy to use

Sandy said that the bottles have to be easy to clean and use for busy moms. She said moms needed to look for BPA free bottles that were easy to put together and take apart, so cleaning was not an issue, and dishwasher safe. New parents spend a lot of time feeding their babies in the early months, so Sandy said it was also really important to get a bottle that had a good and comfortable grip.

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