National Guard’s Fortifying Coronavirus Testing & Hamlin Place Nursing and Rehab Has Passed with Staff Results Showing All Negative Tests

National Guards are testing nursing homes to identify risks involving coronavirus.

Ron DeSantis, Governor of Florida said, they have sent National Guard teams to test people working in hospitals and healthcare facilities. During the pandemic, there are many nursing facilities and assisting living facilities that are all at risk, and this is the reason that national guards are now responsible for testing staff in the area where COVID-19 cases have been found. They came to Hamlin Place of Boynton Beach, Florida, and tested all the staff of the nursing facility. The staff tested, 100%, all negative. Hamlin Place has been following the guidelines from the Agency of Health Care Administration (AHCA) of Florida and from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC); a federal agency aimed to improve the public health. Moreover, Hamlin Place staff were tested again, after taking a precautionary measure and, again, resulted in all negatives.

For the government, it is a challenging condition to ensure the safety of medical staff because they aim to protect their citizens in such a challenging environment under the professional stresses of unknown facts of COVID-19. Furthermore, the Feds aimed to expand the testing of such long-term care facilities since it is paying for such services.

DeSantis claims he has sent strike teams to 93 such facilities, where 962 positive cases have been reported. (NPR 4/14/20)

According to Hamlin Place, their staff has been working day and night to serve their residents and live under the continual, stressful risk of being infected. Moreover, it is an industry that is on the rise of risk because of its delicate engagement with the public. While no one, yet, certainly knows about COVID-19, about its effects and aftermaths, working at risk among infected people is challenging for the staff at facilities. Because of the sensitivity of the issue and the public’s awareness, the company has been working for the safety of residents which has left them in worry about their own health. Still, Hamlin Place strives to earn the respect from the community because they have not allowed their staff to relax their guard while serving the residents needs with their nursing skills day and night.

DeSantis said: “We don’t know how many people at a nursing home or surrounding areas are asymptomatic with COVID-19…” and “…we don’t know what percentage of spreaders is asymptomatic.”

DeSantis wants to identify the staff that has symptoms of COVID-19 and unintentionally spread it at facilities that left numbers of elderly residents exposed.

On Monday, DeSantis has said that the risk of spreading COVID-19 in nursing facilities has widened, and it has been causing fatalities. According to media reports and state health officials, long-term care facilities, and nursing homes have linked to the outbreak of deaths worldwide, and this is the time for such facilities to take precautionary measures. In addition to it, the media has reported this sudden increase in deaths in just the last ten days, and before this, the number was about 450. Moreover, last week, 51 people were tested positive for COVID-19 at a nursing home in the town of Live Oak in North Florida, which included 30 staff members.

For the greater relief of staff in this pandemic, Ellen Alperen, Administrator of Hamlin Place said they have just been informed that after taking precautionary measures and following the guidelines from the health department, every staff member at the facility was tested, and they were all reported negative for COVID-19. It helps, not just for the staff working at the facility, but it also became the guideline and a source of awareness for the people that can help themselves by adopting these precautionary measures on their own.

Hamlin Place is a nursing home facility located a few miles from Boynton Beach in Florida. They are working in a complex healthcare environment with a vision to improve the lives of its citizens and serving to increase the quality of life of their residents by increasing their service area. It receives funds from Medicaid and Medicare. They are working in an exuberant environment which is very close to residential neighborhoods. In open and lush surroundings, they are providing their residents with improved quality of life and nourishing their spirits. It is a 120-bed nursing facility with a mission and manifesto of serving their residents in the best manner irrespective of their length of stay whether it be long term or short term. Their highly trained, professional, caring, and dedicated staff is devoted to the residents. Moreover, says Ellen Alperen, trust and appreciation keep us committed to the residents, even in challenging conditions like COVID-19. Compassion, responsiveness, and attentiveness to the residents’ needs are always the priority to our nursing facility.

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