Christopher Roberts Is On A Mission To Help 10,000 People Achieve Their Dreams and Goals

Have you ever wondered why some people succeed in life while others don’t? Have people at your work been promoted over you even though you have more experience than them? Well, sadly we live in a world where people are left behind while others flourish. But it doesn’t have to be like that.

Some people think those who succeed are lucky, but are they just lucky or do they have the right mindset to succeed.

J. K. Rowling once said that Luck can only get you so far, while Harrison Ford said “Hard work and a proper frame of mind prepare you for the lucky breaks that come along — or don’t.” So who is right, well according to a young successful entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia, they are both right.

Christopher Roberts is not an ordinary person. He an entrepreneur, and I must say a successful one at that. He went from broke to financial freedom by believing in himself and his future. Now, he is on a mission to help others.

The successful businessman who is bringing out a book later this year called Breaking the Bonds Of Mediocrity is on a mission to help 10,000 people change their lives. He wants to help others succeed in their life and stop thinking that each day is going to be the same as today. He wants to show people they can achieve success in their lives as long as they believe in themselves and their positive future.

Christopher believes that anyone can succeed in life and that if they want something then they can go out and grab it with both hands. It may sound like some new-age thing, and people reading this may think they could never have a better life, but they can.

The Sydney based businessman who has a popular Instagram account ( wants to share with people a series of techniques and strategies that he uses to inspire himself and others. He wants to explain the concept of colour to someone who has never opened their eyes, and he wants to show people how they can become successful.

We decided to sit down with Christopher Roberts and learn more about these techniques and learn how people can change their lives and become successful.

Who is Christopher Roberts?

An entrepreneur who has already proven anything is possible.

What is more important to you, money, success, or happiness, and place them in order?

Gratitude is the most important thing, it is the little seed that will eventually grow all of the branches that you want in your life.

You are on a mission to teach people how to break free from the bonds of mediocrity and live a life based on who they could be not who they are, what do you mean by this?

Sometimes the difference between someone having an amazing life and a life of disappointment is just 10 minutes of meditation each day. Millions of people simply do not know this.

Do you believe everyone can live their life to the full?

I have not seen any evidence supporting otherwise and I love my research.

Can you explain why a highly qualified person fails to get promoted and has to watch those with less qualification and less experience rise above them in the workplace?

When I am hiring personnel I do not look at where they are now but I try and see based on their personality where they could go. knowledge is only potential power, But energy is more valuable in my opinion.

You have become very successful, was that always the case?

No, the second I had become successful I was still broke, it was simply the complete shift in my head that allowed all the other things to go with the flow.

You have decided to share strategies and techniques to help people succeed and become successful, what are they?

Believing in yourself.

Reflect on your habits – each and every habit ALWAYS takes you somewhere

Create new habits.

Think – we are so consumed we never have a moment to think and plan or strategies our future.

Setting our mood straight – a hack is to set reminders of gratitude in your phone and remember things that you are great full for, do not just think but feel. change your brain for the moment this practise could be the difference between the life you want and the life you don’t.

You talk about colour a lot when you do motivational speeches, what do you mean by color and how opening your eyes can help with personal discovery?

We know what we know and we know what we don’t know, but there are things we don’t know what we don’t know. and there are millions of these things. tricks strategy principles concepts, just the singles piece of enlightenment could change your life.

A lot of people who are more qualified than their workmates often watch with envy as they are promoted, why are these people always being passed over?

If they are being passed over it simply means they did not want it bad enough, in real life the promotion goes to the person who fought the hardest and didn’t lose faith or purpose, its different in movies usually the bad guy gets the promotion.

You have previously said belief is very simple but it is the level 1 of everything you can ever do in your life, can you explain what you mean?

You are very limited to your circumference of belief, You cannot exceed those boundaries you put upon yourself. and we have been conditioned to have minor beliefs about what is possible for us. Destroy these beliefs and you are destroying your limitations.

How important is self-belief?

Why are some people more successful in their careers than others? how high you climb is only that, a climb. relate this to a mountain if you keep climbing you will reach the top. most people decide to stop less than halfway and get comfortable, they have no ambitions to reach the top, and that is ok, its the people that are miserable with where they are that I wanna help.

You talk a lot about the changes you made in your life and changes people should make, can you explain more about the five changes you made?

1. Belief is very simple, but it is level 1 of everything you can ever do in your life. If you don’t have an unshakeable belief about yourself being able to do something you will always want, ALWAYS, but you will NEVER do. why would you spend your life trying to teleport knowing it is impossible? you won’t so therefore you don’t try. it took me 1 month to believe I could earn 100k and after my belief was solid 4 months later I had earned my first ever 100 thousand dollars.

2. Don’t assume your future based on any memory of your past. The BIGGEST problem with my students is this, they assumed their life was predetermined from the lessons they had already learned and assumed there future based on what they thought they knew. 1 new strategy or concept learned could change your life forever.

3. Emotional intelligence. mastering this will forever change your life. to understand this will allow you to control yourself in any given circumstances. to control your reaction will determine the cause and effect principle which over time leads you to very different places and perceptions, to be able to create your emotions upon thought by practicing this you will create energy, gratitude passion, and compassion religiously no matter the outside influences. which is the difference between you being highly successful and failing?

4. Reading reading reading. Keep your brain excited and young by learning and reading religiously neuroplasticity will evolve your brain causing changes of perception. life is full of so much more when you create the habit of learning and or reading a simple 20 minutes per day you should happinly give up.

5. Yourself.

Exercise and meditation

Do something nice for yourself working out and meditating are the best things you can do to boost your confidence and self-esteem which is way more important than what people give credit to. YOU MUST give yourself a reason to be happy with yourself. neglecting these 2 types of self-care often leads to thoughts of disempowerment. These times are for you and the growth of your mind. DO NOT NEGLECT IT.

You have a new book coming out called Breaking the Bonds Of Mediocrity, can you tell me more about the book?

This book will give people an understanding of where they are and what they are doing that causes their life to be falling deeper and deeper into the bonds of mediocrity, and then pointing out the tools and habits we need to employ.

How will your new book help people?

Again You COULD never describe the concept of colour to a man that has been wearing a blindfold for all his life, What you could do is guide him in taking off the blindfold then allowing him to see the colours for himself. This book is the antidote to the blindfold and the blindfold comes off I will still be there.

Is it true you are on a mission to change 10,000 people’s lives, can you explain how you are going to do this?

I’m working on something new that I believe will change many lives, as far as that goes I’m not willing to spoil the surprise right now.

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