Powered Offers Augmented Reality Based Mobile Apps

Powered Offers Augmented Reality Based Mobile Apps

We understand that people are more receptive to visuals. Your users will engage with your content far more passionately if you use our augmented reality to make it truly come to life.
We live in a fast-changing, technology-driven world, and POWERED; a leading Dubai-based tech company is taking great strides, as they redefine augmented reality technology not just in Dubai, but across the globe.

Dubai, UAE – 16th June, 2020 – Powered, a leading mobile app development company based in Dubai, offers mobile apps based on augmented reality. Augmented reality provides users with an interactive experience, similar to being in a real, physical environment. Using this technology, materials that exist in an actual location are enhanced, using computer-generated perceptual information that cuts across modalities such as visuals and auditory.

A Powered spokesperson commented – “We understand that people are more receptive to visuals. Your users will engage with your content far more passionately if you use our augmented reality to make it truly come to life”. With their world-class innovations, they have proven to be a trusted augmented reality company in Dubai.

Augmented reality can be used vastly across a wide range of sectors. These include gaming, fashion, real estate, automobile, and home retail. As for buying clothes and other fashion accessories, the use of augmented reality will give customers a better buying experience. Using this technology, customers can see how the items would fit their bodies before they buy. It gives them the same feeling as buying from a traditional store.

The spokesperson added – “We are aware that the biggest problem with buying clothes and accessories online is that customers would prefer to try them on before making a decision”.

Using augmented reality by Powered, game developers and designers are offered a wide range of dimensions that they can use to create enhanced, life-like video games.

Augmented reality can also be used to make more calculated decisions when buying a home interior. It eases the fears of online shoppers with regards to purchasing the right-sized furniture for the spaces in their homes.

These include size, weight, texture, and over-all fitting. With this technology, online furniture retailers can convert faster since potential buyers can make their buying decisions instantly. Customers who are in the market for a car can use AR technology to have a real-life view of the vehicle and make their decisions accordingly. This would also help online car dealers convert faster and more effectively.

AR technology can allow people in search of real estate to visit buildings remotely. It can also give them a finished virtual look of an unfinished building, using their mobile devices. This technology gives potential real estate investors a vivid idea of the features of the property they intend to buy, whether finished or partially built.

About Powered:

Powered is an award-winning, full-service design, mobile app development agency in Dubai. Over the years, they have developed unique and innovative applications. They have also created world-class games for both iOS and Android apps. All their applications are put through a thorough testing process to make sure they function correctly and meet all their clients’ set criteria. They offer mobile app solutions that cut across several sectors, such as business, marketing, social, and entertainment. These solutions improve user-experience and satisfaction, as well as the online presence of brands. Being an award-winning mobile app development agency is a testament to their expertise and ability. This is why they are the best mobile app development company in Dubai.

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Web: https://www.powered.ae

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