SpeakEasy BookClub launches a new website for English second language learners worldwide

Innovative online ebook platform, SpeakEasy BookClub, announces the launch of a new website to help English second language learners around the world

SpeakEasy BookClub has announced the launch of their new website for ebooks as part of the plan to help the spread of the English language by allowing millions of speakers of English as a second language to effectively learn the language. The website features a wide range of educative resources designed to help users of the platform learn English with ease regardless of their location across the globe.

According to a report published on Babbel Magazine in 2017, about 1.5 billion people worldwide speak English, representing 20% of the world’s population. The report further stated that most of the speakers are not native English speakers, with only about 360 million people speaking English as their first language. In addition to being one of the most widely spoken languages, English also ranks as the most commonly studied foreign language worldwide. One of the major challenges faced by millions of people learning the language is access to quality materials. While there are several sources of English books and other learning tools, many of such materials do not meet the needs of learners. This is where SpeakEasy BookClub is looking to disrupt the status quo with their website launch.

The website serves as a library for different materials tailored to meet the needs of English second language learners. The platform features different genres of English stories in electronic format for easy access to all categories of readers and learners alike. The books are written by professional English teachers and writers to help improve the English vocabulary and expressions of readers. The digital ebooks are available for immediate download and subsequent study on computers, smartphones, and tablets, saving learners the time and cost associated with hardcopy materials.

SpeakEasy BookClub also serves as a fantastic platform for ebook sellers and authors of books for students studying English, allowing them to reach their target audience with relative ease and cost-effectiveness.

For more information about SpeakEasy BookClub and how to leverage the features and benefits of the platform, please visit – https://www.speakeasybookclub.com/. SpeakEasy BookClub is also available across several social media platforms and can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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SpeakEasy BookClub was created to help people learn English in the easiest, most effective way. The platform works with a team of professional English teachers and writers that are experienced in the Education industry to provide a variety of fun and engaging short stories in an electronic format.

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