No Dig Waterproofing Solutions From Spec 7 Group: A Lifesaver For New Construction & And Restoration Projects

No Dig Waterproofing Solutions From Spec 7 Group: A Lifesaver For New Construction & And Restoration Projects
Spec 7 Group is providing new advancements in commercial waterproofing with a no-dig solution that securely seals the building foundation.

Ham Lake, MN – June 17, 2020 – Spec 7 Group is proud to announce they are now providing a no-dig waterproofing solution for their commercial clients. This new advancement in waterproofing helps to give a building the protection it needs in the foundation of the structure without having to dig giant holes around the area itself. The company is proud to announce they are providing this elite service to all commercial clients in the Lake Ham and surrounding areas. By connecting with them on their website, clients can learn even more about this new advancement in commercial waterproofing.

Spec 7 Group proudly boasts over 150 years of experience in the construction business. They’ve been working in the industry helping to develop this new technique to give commercial construction sites that extra layer of security it needs with the foundation of the building. When a foundation is subject to water damage, the whole building suffers. It can be quite costly to repair a foundation and the building damage that comes from it. That is why it is critical that a waterproofing system be put in place in each building to prevent disaster down the road.

There are many benefits to waterproofing a commercial building. As mentioned, it helps to prevent damage to the building. It protects the large investment that has been made into the commercial property as well. Waterproofing also helps to elongate the life of the property so it’s around for years to come. It is vital that a business or commercial property owner take steps to protect their investment.

Spec 7 Group proudly works with all the commercial owners in the area to provide a range of services other than waterproofing as well. Air/vapor barriers are important to help reduce the air conditioned spaces and unconditioned. Service repairs help to make sure the building is sound when there’s been previous foundation damage or water damage.

Contact Spec 7 Group today by reaching out to them at to learn more about this new and advanced technique of “no-dig” waterproofing. Their system will help to protect commercial property for years to come from the damaging elements in the Lake Ham area. From waterproofing to air barriers and damage repair, this team has all of the commercial building needs covered. 

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Spec 7 Group works with commercial clients around the Lake Ham area to provide elite service in waterproofing, service repairs, and air and vapor barrier protection. They have been in business for over 100 years and have the experience necessary to ensure a commercial property is protected from the elements. They provide a free consultation of your building and needs to help you get the protection you want for the commercial property you’re invested in.

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