William Drew Helps Clients with a Variety of Litigation and Appellate Cases

Being convicted with any type of crime can dramatically alter a person’s life.  It can interfere with one’s ability to obtain employment and add unnecessary pressure to one’s life. There is also the possibility of facing jail time and a wide range of other serious consequences. However, it is still possible to appeal a conviction so that any sentence that was imposed can be reversed.

And in the event that an appeal is the only way out of a court case, an appellate attorney ultimately becomes necessary. They will expertly review the case including motions, trial transcripts, and material. From this information, they will sit down and chart the way forward for their clients with the aim of helping them become successful. Considering that an appeal comes as the last stage of the litigation process, the stakes are higher.

William A. Drew is dedicated to providing real counsel and advice to clients with complex litigation and appellate cases. Whether it is real property transactions, shareholder disputes, will contests, employment matters, insurance coverage or family squabbles, William Drew works twice as hard to get his creative juices flowing. Thinking outside the box has become a norm in his career.

In high-stake cases, the line between winning and losing can be very thin. A good attorney has to go over the record over and over again in search of little pieces of information that can plunge the case in the right direction. As late as a few minutes to the trial, a lawyer can uncover new evidence that is of high value during the case. They can use this as an element of surprise for their adversary. This kind of creativity is what puts William Drew and other lawyers of Elliott Ostrander & Preston, PC on top.

Perfect Balance between Litigation and Appellate Cases

Most law firms who do both litigation and appellate practices tend to focus more on the latter. While winning trials is a hallmark of success in litigation, it is only half the battle. The rest of it lies in appellate practice. It is not uncommon to register massive success at trials only to be knocked off at appeals. Portland Business Attorneys have created a perfect balance for litigation and appellate law. All attorneys work hand-in-hand to win cases on both fronts. Trial attorneys are there to help appellate attorneys avoid notorious landmines in appellate courts.

Most importantly, being practical is critical for any case. Sadly, many lawyers are yet to grasp this important attribute. William Drew holds nothing back when it comes to his client responsibilities. Putting himself in his client’s shoes helps him give the wisest counsel. He buries his head in records, trial histories, and analyses then comes up with the best practical solution for the case.

About William Drew

William A. Drew is an experienced and dynamic litigation and appellate lawyer in Portland, Oregon. As one of the leading lawyers for Elliott Ostrander & Preston, PC, he handles everything from business disputes, intellectual property, employment matters, insurance, and more. As a graduate from Harvard Law School and Willamette University as well as a practicing attorney for over 30 years, he’s a leader in the industry.

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