Dr. Sam Mayhugh Announces the Launch of a New Book for People Living Under the Stress of the COVID-19

Dr. Sam Mayhugh Announces the Launch of a New Book for People Living Under the Stress of the COVID-19
A new book is released to offer individuals living under the stress of the coronavirus with a plethora of helpful resources.

Dr. Sam Mayhugh, a clinical psychologist who practiced in outpatient and hospital programs, is pleased to announce the launch of the new book, along with his co-author, Dr. Brian Mayhugh. The new book will serve as a practical resource for people who are living under the stress of the coronavirus pandemic. It is loaded with many resources, tips, recommendations, and information lines on how to deal with depression, anxiety, and building resiliency.

The coronavirus pandemic has not just prompted everybody to adopt social distancing and self-quarantine. It all has made a plethora of individuals across the globe extremely stressed and anxious. With governments urging all to promote self-isolation and self-distancing to combat the pandemic, the present times could be traumatic.

While exercising mindfulness and other methods could go a long way in soothing an individual down, a new book from Dr. Sam Mayhugh comes to the rescue.

In the book “Covid-19 Resources for Coping with the Pandemic and Beyond,” authors Dr. Sam and Brian Mayhugh educate readers on how to change their mindset and embrace the power of mindfulness, acknowledge though patterns and understand to detach from their emotions.

“We hope that this book will provide you with the information and resources you will need as we collectively navigate this new, COVID-19 world.  Much of the approaches, information, and recommendations contained herein are based on the underlying framework and paradigm of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT),” said Dr. Sam.

“We can use Cognitive Behavior Therapy as a tool to regain control over our changing lives, and in the process, change our feelings and thinking, reduce fears, manage stress-related anxiety and depression, and find new ways to cope with the challenges of this new life,” he added.

Dr. Sam is clinical psychologist who practiced in hospital and outpatient programs and worked in different behavioral health companies. He has a Ph.D. in psychological services and partaken in credential programs at the Harvard and University of Oxford. He writes with a clinical understanding of the effect of the COVID-19 with a personal and warm concern for others.

The coronavirus pandemic generates a lot of uncertainty, anxiety, and stress to many people. It could be overpowering, indeed. Dr. Sam’s book delivers resources to help any person cope along with these drastic changes.

About Dr. Sam Mayhugh

Dr. Sam is an executive psychologist who retired recently from IBH, a behavioral company he built more than thirty years ago. His professional life has been spent on outpatient offices, in hospitals, and private practice.

To learn more about Dr. Sam Mayhugh’s new book release, visit https://drsammayhugh.com or send an email at info.tgaproductions.org

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